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Sales teams and leaders need to work together to focus on enhancing the entire customer experience and buying journey with greater emphasis on ensuring a seamless customer onboarding process as well.

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While the term “data-driven” can indeed be a buzzword, it’s important to think really hard about what it means for your organization and team. It’s easy to get lost in a soup of data, metrics, reports, and dashboards. The top sales leaders keep things simple by choosing to focus on the top two or three KPIs that really matter for their business, they identify the precursor activities and behaviors that drive those KPIs, and they set goals around those precursor metrics.- Jason Heidema, Co-Founder and CEO at Atrium

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Revenue leaders should put a greater emphasis on gaining a deep understanding of what the customer wants and how they buy. They cannot wait for the product organization to show the way. Instead, they must partner with the product organization to gain alignment with the customers. That alignment will help the team hit its own goals as well as those of the overall business.- Rob Rosenthal, Chief Revenue Officer at Bloomreach

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