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The SalesStar Podcast: 2023 Audio Interviews

The SalesStar Podcast, features interesting conversations with B2B / Sales thought-leaders and serves to connect their experiences with our growing global community of Sales and SalesTech professionals.

The SalesStar Podcast is hosted by SalesTechStar’s Director of Content Strategy, Paroma Sen.

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One of the best things about The SalesStar Podcast?
Every episode serves to cover trending insights and tips on technology sales and sales tech through short snippets with industry leaders!

Episode 168: AI and its Impact on Marketing and Sales with Marco Lagi, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence at Intentsify

Marco Lagi, Vice President, Artificial Intelligence at Intentsify (a platform that provides B2B organizations comprehensive buyer-intent intelligence) spoke about the growing impact and benefits of AI in this podcast episode:

Key Topics Covered:

  • How AI is disrupting sales and marketing processes
  • Common user misconceptions surrounding AI
  • Five fundamentals for first time users of AI to keep in mind



Episode 167: Precision Based Marketing Tips – with Carter Lassy, Chief Product Officer at Terminus

Carter Lassy, Chief Product Officer at Terminus (a platform that empowers marketers to drive revenue impact with account-based marketing) joined as our guest in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast;

Key topics covered:

  • Intent data – benefits and challenges teams face when using intent data
  • How can marketers be more precision based in their approach?
  • GTM practices and tips that work in a dynamic market



Episode 166: Renewed Sales-Marketing Alignment Tips: with Melton Littlepage, CMO at Outreach

Melton Littlepage, CMO at Outreach (a platform that empowers the entire end to end sales process) joined us as a guest in this episode to highlight some of Outreach’s latest innovations and discuss the importance of improved sales-marketing alignment:

Key topics covered:

  • Unifying your martech/salestech and marketing-sales processes
  • The impact of AI on marketing and sales
  • How B2B teams should look at optimizing their salestech and martech to drive goals and alignment


Episode 165: Why You Need Video In your Sales and Marketing Outreach: with Karthi Mariappan, Co-founder and CEO at Hippo Video

In this podcast we had Karthi Mariappan, Co-founder and CEO at Hippo Video chat about the various use cases and benefits of video across marketing, sales and other customer facing roles in B2B:

Key topics covered:

  • Why does video benefit sales and marketing teams
  • How leading brands use video as part of their outreach to drive end goals
  • Best practices to keep in mind when implementing a video strategy

Episode 164: The Growth of Digital Experience Platforms with Darren Guarnaccia, president of Uniform

Darren Guarnaccia, president of Uniform a Digital Experience Composition Platform (DXCP) that helps marketing and development teams collaborate to deliver better customer experiences joined us as our guest to discuss the future of DXCP.

Key topics covered:

  • What is driving more adoption of Digital Experience Composition Platforms
  • How are digital experience tools being used to drive organizational and end user experiences
  • The future for DXCP

Episode 163: The Benefits of Video in Sales, Marketing, HR and more with Jonathan Lister, COO at Vidyard


Jonathan Lister, COO at Vidyard shared some insights into the various ways in which different B2B teams (sales/marketing/HR and others) can benefit from using videos, from prospecting to job hunts:

Key topics discussed:

  • How brands use videos to drive sales/marketing experiences and goals
  • Benefits of videos across B2B functions including HR
  • Best practices for optimizing use of video to drive B2B goals

Episode 162: Lead Generation Best Practices with Eric Watkins, president of outbound sales at Abstrakt Marketing Group


Eric Watkins, president of outbound sales at Abstrakt Marketing Group joined this episode as our guest to talk about a few lead generation tactics that can empower B2B teams:

Key topics covered:

  • B2B lead generation: best practices
  • Creating a balance between inbound and outbound strategies
  • Aligning multiple teams on core objectives


Episode 161: How to Establish Better Customer Success Frameworks with You Mon Tsang, CEO and Founder of ChurnZero

We welcomed You Mon Tsang, CEO and Founder of ChurnZero, (a leading Customer Success platform and partner for growing SaaS and subscription based businesses) to this episode of the SalesStar Podcast to discuss ways in which B2B tech brands can build better customer success frameworks.

Key topics covered:

  • The evolution of ChurnZero
  • How customer success trends are changing in B2B
  • The impact of AI/Generative AI in sales and marketing



Episode 160: Enhancing Inter Department Collaboration in B2B: with Tyrona Heath, Director of Market Engagement at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute


Tyrona Heath, Director of Market Engagement at LinkedIn’s B2B Institute spoke about the benefits of having better inter department collaboration to drive B2B growth in this podcast:

Key topics covered:

  • What should growth marketers and sales teams keep in mind in today’s B2B environment
  • How can inter department collaboration drive unified growth models
  • The importance of having the office of the CFO involved


Episode 159: The Benefits of AI in Content Development, Marketing and Sales with Ben Pines, Director of Content at

Ben Pines, Director of Content at AI21 Labs and WordTune joined us as a guest to highlight more on how AI is enabling the whole content experience in today’s business and digital marketplace:

Key topics covered:

  • How AI is redefining content creation for marketing and sales teams
  • How leading brands use AI to transform their content experience
  • The future of AI in marketing and content


Episode 158: Optimizing Sales and Brand Journeys with Ken Hohenstein, CRO at OneStream

Ken Hohenstein, Chief Revenue Officer at OneStream a market-leading intelligent finance platform that reduces the complexity of financial operations participated in this episode to discuss more on what modern day sellers should do to optimize brand journeys:

Key topics covered:

  • What works in B2B sales
  • Building sales cycles and journeys that create value
  • The future of B2B sales and salestech

Episode 157: Inventory Optimization and Its Impact on Supply Chains with Richard Lebovitz, President and CEO, LeanDNA

Richard Lebovitz President and CEO, LeanDNAan inventory optimization and execution platform that synchronizes workflows joined us in this episode to talk about the growing demand for inventory optimization software, and its impact on supply chains;

Key topics covered:

  • How are factory inventory optimization systems changing the whole supply chain game today
  • How will more commerce / distribution companies look at these tools as an advantage
  • How brands can use these tools to tie into actual user experience

Episode 156: Purpose-led Advertising Fundamentals with Julia Hitchman, Chief Commercial Officer at Good-Loop

Julia Hitchman, Chief Commercial Officer at Good-Loop (a Purpose-Powered advertising platform that unites brands, consumers, charities & publishers) joined us in this chat to share a few best practices that can help drive ad revenue goals:

Key topics covered:

  • Growth strategies that enable ROI for B2B advertisers and marketers
  • How B2B commercial officers can use tech and new processes to push boundaries
  • The future of B2B sales

Episode 155: How Employee Recognition Programs Can Keep Salespeople on Their Toes: with Kevin Yip, Co-founder and President of Blueboard

Kevin Yip, Co-founder and President of Blueboard (an employee rewards and recognition platform for the modern workplace) discussed the impact of recognition programs on B2B teams:

Key topics covered

  • Why are employee recognition programs crucial in B2B
  • How employee recognition programs enable sales team ROIs
  • Business growth must-dos based on Blueboard’s journey

Episode 154: B2B Business Development Tips for 2023 with Brian Bero, cofounder and VP Sales, Strike Graph


Brian Bero, cofounder and Chief Revenue Officer, Strike Graph (a compliance SaaS solution that helps simplify security certifications) joined us in this episode to talk about a few trending B2B business development tips that should be on every sales teams radar through 2023:

Key topics covered:

  • Latest B2B business development trends
  • Sales practices that are proven to work within B2B tech
  • How will salestech reshape B2B/B2C sales

Episode 153: Personalization and the Future of Sales with Collin Mitchell, Chief Evangelist at Humantic AI


Collin Mitchell, Chief Evangelist at Humantic AI (a Buyer Intelligence platform for revenue teams) spoke about the benefits and importance of better personalization tactics in sales:

Key topics covered:

  • Importance of personalization
  • Out of the box practices that can drive sales journeys
  • How lean teams can scale ROI

Episode 152: Sales Compensation Best Practices for B2B Sales Teams with Grayson Morris, CEO at Performio


Grayson Morris, CEO at Performio, (a platform that helps handle complex incentive compensation plans, processes, and strategies) spoke about the importance of having an effective compensation plan for salespeople:

Key topics covered:

  • Why B2B sales leaders need to have better sales compensation structures
  • How a good B2B sales compensation plan can enable better sales
  • Top practices to follow when putting a commission strategy in place

Episode 151: Driving Growth Across e-Tail with Kate Musgrove, Managing Director for Asia Pacific, Bazaarvoice


Kate Musgrove, Managing Director for Asia Pacific at Bazaarvoice, (a platform that builds smarter shopper experiences across the entire customer journey) shared a few fundamentals and best practices for e-tailers in this podcast:

Key topics covered:

  • Regional expansion tips and practices for SaaS teams
  • How e-tailers can build better online experiences for end users
  • The future of eCommerce and e-Tail

Episode 150: The Future of Customer Success with Allison Tiscornia, Chief Customer Officer at ChurnZero


Allison Tiscornia, Chief Customer Officer at ChurnZero, (a Customer Success platform for growing SaaS businesses) discussed more about the future impact of customer success in B2B.

Key topics covered:

  • Trends that dominate B2B customer success journeys
  • How leading brands plan their customer success workflows
  • The future impact of customer success in B2B

Episode 149: Sales Practices and Tips For Recessionary Times with Ed Hill, SVP – EMEA at Bazaarvoice


Ed Hill – SVP and GM for the EMEA – at Bazaarvoice, (a platform that helps build smarter shopper experiences across the entire customer journey) spoke about a few trending sales practices and tips;

Key topics covered:

  • What sales teams should do to thrive in a challenging market
  • How salespeople can enhance their skillset and salestech knowledge to drive ROI
  • Common B2B sales and salestech challenges

Episode 148: Core Sales Strategy Best Practices with Stephanie Vandenberg, GM and SVP Revenue & Growth at Verve Group

Stephanie Vandenberg, GM, SVP Revenue & Growth, at Verve Group (an omnichannel ad platform that connects advertisers, agencies, brands, and publishers to people in real time) spoke about a few top media-sales trends while sharing some tips on improving brand sales outcomes;

Key topics covered:

    • Building a strong sales foundation: what it takes
    • Salestech that help enables sales processes in B2B
    • The future of media sales and advertising