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The SalesStar Podcast: 2022 Audio Interviews

The SalesStar Podcast, features interesting conversations with B2B / Sales thought-leaders and serves to connect their experiences with our growing global community of Sales and SalesTech professionals.

The SalesStar Podcast is hosted by SalesTechStar’s Director of Content Strategy, Paroma Sen.

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One of the best things about The SalesStar Podcast?
Every episode serves to cover trending insights and tips on technology sales and sales tech through short snippets with industry leaders!

Episode 111: Driving Better Productivity within your Product Team: with Kristina Simkins, VP of Product at Lessonly by Seismic

Kristina Simkins, VP of Product at Lessonly by Seismic a coaching software platform built for frontline teams shared a few tips on leading product teams effectively:

Key Topics Covered:

Meeting the evolving need between products-customers and what product teams need to do

How can product teams – marketers and sales peoples align to impact overall processes and business growth?

The future for B2B Product teams: trends and thoughts

Episode 110: Driving Sales-Marketing Unity with Chetan Chaudhary, Chief Revenue Officer at Scale AI

Chetan Chaudhary, Chief Revenue Officer at Scale AI, a platform that accelerates the development of AI applications by helping machine learning teams generate high-quality ground truth data shared a few insights in this podcast that can help sales-marketing and revenue teams drive better unison in their core processes.

Key Topics Covered:

What should sales/marketers focus on to build unified customer and buying journeys?

Problems faced in B2B when it comes to go-to market plans and strategies

Tips to drive better revenue and sales operations

Episode 109: B2B Revenue Generation Tactics with Michelle Pietsch, VP of Revenue at

Michelle Pietsch, VP of Revenue at, a connected workspace that helps revenue teams win more deals shared a few thoughts and best practices that can drive better processes and output for B2B Revenue teams:

Key Topics Covered:

Best practices and processes that drive B2B revenue and sales teams given today’s market dynamics

Core salestech-revtech that have always helped drive team output and business goals

Top tips for marketers and B2B sales teams for 2022 and beyond!