SalesTech Star

Episode 76: Emerging HR Tech Trends: with Mahe Bayireddi, Chief Executive Officer, Phenom

Mahe Bayireddi, CEO and Co-founder of Talent Experience Management (TXM) platform Phenom People was a guest is this episode; to share a few thoughts on the emerging trends in HR Tech and to take us through Phenom’s journey… Key topics covered Biggest HR Tech trends today Using AI to create less hiring bias AI and the employee experience

Episode 75: Building Resilience to Drive Growth: with Huw Owen, Vice President and General Manager – EMEA at Couchbase

Huw Owen, Vice President and General Manager for EMEA at Couchbase a highly scalable, distributed data store joined us in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast to share a few observations and thoughts on what it takes to drive more business impact with improved processes in today’s business environment,

Key topics covered:

B2B and tech sales and marketing trends and shifts Revisiting your tech stack in today’s business environment Realigning sales and marketing priorities

Episode 74: Improving Customer and Employee Experience: with Grant Halloran, Chief Executive Officer, Planful

Today’s business environment has taught us all to refocus efforts on improving not just the B2B customer experience but also the overall employee experience, to that end we had Grant Halloran, CEO at Planful, a leading financial planning and analysis (FP&A) cloud platform sharing his thoughts in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast;

Key topics covered:

Achieving a customer – employee experience balance

What can fintechs do to improve the overall employee experience during a pandemic?

Top work trends that will reshape the tech workplace in 2021 (and beyond!).

Episode 73: Tips to Double Marketing ROI with Latane Conant, Chief Marketing Officer, 6sense

It was exciting to have Latane Conant, CMO of leading ABM platform 6sense as a special guest in this 73rd episode of the SalesStar Podcast! Latane had a chat with us to share key learnings from her marketing experiences during the (still ongoing!) pandemic of 2020 while talking about innovative ways for marketers to improve ROI in 2021:

Key topics covered:

6sense’s marketing experience and learnings through 2020

The importance of revisiting core marketing strategies and fundamentals today

How CMOs can drive help sales alignment and overall business outcomes

Episode 72: How to Plan your Product Roadmap, with Amir Hofman, Chief Product Officer, CloudShare

Amir Hofman, Chief Product Officer at CloudShare, a virtual lab for software training, sales demos and POCs shared a few thoughts on evolving product trends in tech and sales insights in this episode:

Key topics covered:

Challenges with sales/marketing teams due to the pandemic

What best practices should be followed when planning your product road map

What kind of services and products in tech will grow in demand in the future

Episode 71: A Podcast Subseries within a Series: Paroma Sen of SAP speaks to Paroma Sen of SalesTech Star about Changing Customer Experience trends that B2B marketers need to focus on

*The Paroma in Conversation with Paroma series is a sub series within the SalesStar Podcast!

*To listen to the previous episode of this subseries: Go here!

Paroma Sen of SAP joined Paroma Sen of SalesTechStar in this (second!) episode of the Paroma in Conversation with Paroma sub series to talk about evolving CX trends in the B2B marketplace.

Key topics covered:

Top and emerging B2B and B2C Customer Experience trends

CX initiatives that stood out during the Covid-19 pandemic

What it takes to plan a better customer experience today (tips, dos, dont’s, thoughts!)

Episode 70: Revenue Trends and RevTech Insights with Mark Banfield, Chief Revenue Officer at LogicMonitor

Mark Banfield, Chief Revenue Officer at LogicMonitor, also a seasoned revenue leader with a strong history of developing successful go-to-market strategies for high-growth businesses joined in as our guest in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast,

Key topics covered:

The evolving role of the CRO during the Covid-19 pandemic

Key learnings for revenue teams to keep in mind

How customer facing reps should adapt to today’s digital-selling and digital marketing world

B2B tech trends to look forward to through 2021

Episode 69: Business and Tech Management amid the Vaccine Roll Out with Phil Friedman, CEO at CGS

Phil Friedman, founder at Computer Generated Solutions (CGS), a diversified IT solutions and services company that has built a strong global presence since its inception in 1984 shared a few thoughts on business growth and tech management in this episode of The SalesStar Podcast:

Key topics covered:

How should Tech CEOs be handling team management amid the vaccine roll out

Key services in tech outsourcing that are impacted due to the pandemic Biggest B2B tech trends to look forward to in the near-term

Episode 68: Podcasts for B2B Sales and Marketing Teams: Top Tips with Zachary Ballenger, Co-founder, Sales & GTM at Casted

Zachary Ballenger, co-founder, of Casted a marketing platform built around brand podcasts joined as our guest in this episode of the SalesStar podcast to talk about best practices that can drive better podcasting techniques:

Key topics covered:

How B2B tech marketing and sales teams optimize their podcasting strategies today

Innovative podcasts and their must-watch techniques

Tips for tech teams starting out with podcasting as a new lead generation or prospecting channel

A few technologies to invest in, for a better podcasting experience!

Episode 67: Realigning Customer Journeys in Tech with Jonathan Anguelov, COO and Cofounder of Aircall

Jonathan Anguelov, COO and Cofounder of Aircall, a cloud-based voice platform that integrates seamlessly with productivity and helpdesk tools joined us as a guest in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast:

Key topics discussed:

Delivering effective customer experiences that stand out What it takes to realign the customer experience today

Game-changing marketing and sales technologies that can create better customer journeys

Episode 66: Sales Engagement and Tech Marketing Learnings with Kristin Hersant, VP, Marketing at Groove

Kristin Hersant, VP of Marketing at Groove, a sales engagement platform for enterprises using Salesforce joined us in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast to share a few of her observations and tips to address B2B sales and marketing challenges.

Key topics covered:

The state of marketing in the B2B and tech marketplace

Common challenges business leaders face in B2B today; creative solutions to help alleviate the most common ones Sales and marketing priorities for 2021

Episode 65: Growing Cross-Border Sales And Marketing Teams And Plans: With Greg Chapman, SVP Of Partner Management, Avalara

Greg Chapman, SVP of Partner Management at Avalara, a cloud-based tax compliance solution provider joined us in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast!

Key topics covered:

Evolving business practices in today’s new normal

Evaluating best fit sales and marketing technologies given today’s challenges Preparing for the rest of 2021

Episode 64: A Podcast Subseries within a Series -> Paroma Sen of SAP speaks to SalesTechStar’s Paroma Sen about Today’s Evolving Digital Transformation Trends

In this series-within-a-series of the “Paroma in Conversation with Paroma podcast”, Paroma Sen of SAP and Paroma Sen of SalesTechStar bring you a fresh, lighthearted conversations surrounding key trends in tech.

Key topics covered:

Top digital transformation initiatives and trends across industries

Upcoming predictions on must-need digital evolutions and what companies must do

Top changes in B2B sales and marketing today

Episode 63: Martech – Salestech: A growing connect – with Scott Brinker, VP, Platform Ecosystem at HubSpot

We had a very special guest in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast – martech thought expert (or should we say the father of martech?) Scott Brinker joined us to share his thoughts on the key trends that are set to reshape the face of martech and salestech.

Key topics covered:

As the martech – salestech landscape evolves to meet changing business needs, how are innovators focusing on creating more centralized systems?

Biggest challenges when teams try to scale results out output with the tech stack in marketing and sales

Balancing creativity and tech use / implementation in sales and marketing Top predictions for martech and salestech for the near-future!

Episode 62: Exploring the Rise of Intent Data in B2B with John Steinert, CMO at TechTarget

John Steinert, CMO at TechTarget, a purchase intent-driven marketing and sales provider that delivers deep business impact for enterprise technology companies joined us in this episode of the SalesStar Podcast to share a few thoughts on the changing dynamics in B2B sales through 2020 and the impact of intent data in today’s marketplace.

Key topics covered:

Sales and marketing in the extended new normal

Intent data and how it helps funnel better sales / marketing opportunities

Best practices for improved ABM and Go-to market success

Episode 61: CX and Digital Transformation Trends with Kirsten Boileau, Global Head of Digital Transformation Enablement at SAP

Some would say that digital transformation was a core theme in 2020, in this episode we had Kirsten Boileau, Global Head of Digital Transformation Enablement at SAP joining us to share her thoughts.

Key topics covered:

Digital transformation trends in 2020

The need to upskill to meet changing tech needs

Digital selling tips for today’s economy and key takeaways

Episode 60: Overcoming Customer-facing Challenges, with Tips for 2021: Kenneth Peterson, President of Customer Experience at QuestionPro

Kenneth (Ken) Peterson, President of Customer Experience at QuestionPro an online survey software provider joined us in this chat to take us through his experience in 2020 leading customer success initiatives through a pandemic while sharing key tips on enhancing the B2B customer experience in this new normal:

Key Topics Covered:

Evolving sales and marketing models in

B2B Important aspects of a strong CX in B2B today

Learnings from leading brands in tech Technologies / tools that sales and marketing should focus on more

Episode 59: B2B Customer Success Tips and Trends with Bernie Kassar, Chief Customer Officer, SVP – Alliances & Business Development at Xactly Corp

In episode 59 of The SalesStar Podcast, special guest – Bernie Kassar, Chief Customer Officer, SVP – Alliances & Business Development at Xactly Corp spoke with Nandini Ramaswamy, Senior Vice President – Global Incentive Compensation Strategy & Operations at Salesforce to evaluate top trends, tricks and strategies for an improved customer facing experience and journey.

Episode 58: Evaluating the Changing Role of Today’s B2B Chief Revenue Officer with Tim Lambert, CRO at Openprise

Tim Lambert, Chief Revenue Officer at Openprise, a Data Platform that helps automate manual processes takes us through the changing priorities in sales, marketing and revenue generation in this episode:

Key topics covered:

The role of the B2B CRO and it’s evolution

Tips and best practices for CROs in 2020/2021

Basic fundamentals for marketing and sales and revenue teams to keep in mind Inter-team alignment trends and tips

Episode 57: Sales and Marketing Trends 2020-21 with Geoff Webb, (Former) VP of Strategy at PROS

*This episode was recorded when Geoff was VP, Strategy at PROS We had Geoff Webb, Vice President of Strategy at PROS, an AI-based solution that powers commerce in the digital economy joining in as a guest in this episode,

Key topics covered:

The changing role of B2B sales

Sales trends through 2020 Marketing alignment practices

Tips for salespeople to prosper through Covid-19 business challenges

Episode 56: Optimizing Pricing and Positioning in B2B with Pete Eppele, SVP Products & Science at Zilliant

Pete Eppele, Senior Vice President of Products & Science at Zilliant, a B2B Pricing and Sales Solution Provider joined this episode of the SalesStar podcast. In this short QnA, Pete spoke about some interesting tips and thoughts on optimizing pricing and positioning in B2B:

Key topics covered:

Misalignments in B2B pricing strategy

Sales performance impacts during the pandemic: changes to processes

Game changing technologies to watch out for in sales