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Using Your Podcast to Increase Conversions

By Zachary Ballenger, Co-founder and CRO, Casted

Most sales and marketing teams use podcasting as an avenue for building brand awareness and establishing trust with their audience in hopes of building connections that will ultimately generate more leads for the business. For those not seeing the results they want, it’s time to stop looking at your podcast as a siloed marketing channel and start seeing it as a new opportunity to increase conversions. 

Done right, podcasting holds a unique opportunity to power informed, engaging campaigns through an omnichannel approach and provide critical audience insights. However, teams using podcasts as one-off pieces of content are missing out on a chance to use those rich conversations as an avenue for building genuine connections with your audience and, as a result, converting them to customers. 

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For example, sales and marketing teams can uncover how podcast content influenced the pipeline and even identify which episodes contacts are listening to and what pages they’re visiting. Armed with this information, teams can better shape their strategy by understanding what messages are important to their audience. 

Interested in using your podcast as a tool to influence conversion rates? Let’s take a deep dive into how a podcast can impact conversions by helping your team build genuine, meaningful connections with your audience. 

Cater to Your Audience’s Pain Points

One of the main reasons podcasts are so popular is because they give audiences a unique opportunity to tap into industry expertise that aligns with the real problems they’re experiencing. This allows teams to shape episodes around topics that cater most to what their audience wants to hear. Not only are you able to educate your audience and build trust with them by offering insight into how they can overcome those pain points, you can also provide an avenue for prospective customers to engage with your brand.  

Repurpose Episodes into Content

Now that your show is tailored to hit on your target audience’s biggest issues, it’s time to amplify that message across all of your channels. The conversations from your podcast can be used to create blog posts, eBooks, video or audio clips, social media posts and company newsletters, which is a huge boost for sales enablement. Your sales team can use these different assets to personalize their engagement with prospects. Instead of being forced to share a full podcast episode, reps can add value by presenting the message in a package that aligns with how prospects want to interact with your brand, ensuring a better experience from the first touchpoint. 

Make It Shareable 

If you’re only sharing podcast episodes on your own social media channels, you’re missing out on a huge opportunity to establish third-party validation for your brand and increase the potential reach of your show. People trust their peers so the chances of someone not yet on your radar listening to a podcast based on a recommendation from someone in your target audience are high. Making sure your podcasts have a social share button and encouraging your listeners to share episodes socially is a great way to get in front of new prospects that could, as a result, turn into a new lead. 

While one of the best things about podcasting is that it establishes an authentic, human voice for your brand, it can also provide a wealth of insights and information in a way that will hit home with your target audience. And of course, when done right, podcasts can ultimately be a lead gen powerhouse. So, don’t be shy about amplifying your podcast across all channels and leveraging the conversations on it to get in front of more people. Simply, having a podcast and hoping it leads to new business isn’t going to cut it. Using your podcast as a key piece of your strategy can improve your chances of generating leads that drive real results.

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