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Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: 11-January-2021: Featuring Alteryx, SalesLoft, GenPact, LogMeIn and more!

Sales enablement with the right technologies and processes is critical to business success in 2021. The right technologies can help create relevant content, schedule sales emails, while tracking constant progress of every cadence and outreach. What are some of the top practices being used by industry leaders?

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If you know a prospective customer followed a particular journey on your website, you can assume they’re most interested in the service they spent the most time reading. It’s important to be sensitive to the fact that many brands may have budget constraints right now, but by using data to learn more about your potential customers and their interests, your sales teams can create more impact just by leveraging the tools you may already have in place (such as a CRM). Let the prospects show you they’re interested instead of trying to be aggressive in your sales outreach during a time of economic recovery. –Doug Grigg, Chief Sales Officer at Khoros

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SalesTechStar Interview with Rory Gray, VP of Sales, UK & Ireland, at UiPath
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Digital Transformation had been a talking point for a number of years.  Businesses which have grown up in the digital age and are ‘digitally native’ came into their own and had the opportunity to grow their business.  Retail giants quickly experienced a surge in sales whilst ta the same time not having the same number of people in shops and a lower rate of employees in store.  Click & Collect, Online shopping and delivery was in demand.  Cash quickly became unpopular.  There has been a rush to update technology to enable on-line operations, meet growing demand in some product areas and improve logistics to meet delivery demands. –Rory Gray, VP of Sales, UK & Ireland, at UiPath

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