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Three Reasons Why Lead Management Tools Will Grow Your Business

Living in a COVID world has forced so much of what we do to be digital. In a good way, it makes working remotely across the world possible and more effective. It has also accelerated new technologies to make sure we have more of what we need, like better ways to work, communicate or manage. However, when we look inward not all organizations are set up for success, some are struggling with their internal processes right now.

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Specifically, traditional organizations like sales teams have relied on personal relationships, in person events and face to face meetings to grow their business. Findings from Pipedrive’s global State of Sales survey showed that more than half (54%) struggle with finding sales leads, yet 49% aren’t using technology or automation tools to help. These work warriors need to approach business in a different way and if leaning into technology was cause for hesitation, it’s time to embrace it now.

Let’s break down three vital benefits to using lead management tools in today’s B2B sales environment.

Contact Leads At the Right Time

Grow your business by finding and qualifying leads faster and easier. Fast is good but fast and accurate is better. It’s a crowded digital market with everyone at home relying on social media or LinkedIn to make connections. According to LinkedIn’s State of Sales Report 2020, 65% of sales professionals are using CRM tools2020, yet sales professionals need more than a database to create leads. You have to get really personalized and compelling with the right message at the right time just to break through. Leads management software allows filtering to warm leads, so that salespeople don’t waste time on cold ones.

Track Leads with Efficiency

Once potential leads have some awareness about your product or service, they are likely to visit your website. This is where a web tracker becomes useful, giving a great overview about who has visited your website and what kind of information they reviewed. Having this insight allows salespeople to contact the potential prospect when the lead is hot and with the most relevant messaging.

Save Time, Automate The Process

A good lead management tool reflects the workflow of salespeople and takes into account the smallest details of sales as a discipline. From assigning a lead to the right person to determining the next step, the right tool will save you time by automating the process. After all, the main goal of salespeople is to close deals faster. The right technology can help do that.

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We live in the world where speed and information generate superior results. Managing a contact database is not enough. Salespeople need to know who the customers are, what are their needs, what they want, etc. As salespeople start off 2021 with new sales targets, consider this: 63% of people who use technology or automation tools to find leads hit their annual sales target in 2019, compared to 56% who don’t use technology or automation tools to find leads. Invest in the right lead management tool for you and your business, you’ll never look back.

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