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Top SalesTech Highlights Of The Week: 01st-June-2020: Featuring News From Twilio, Yext, TechTarget, Madison Logic, Cisco And More…

Technology sales is all about connecting potential customers to a tech product or solution that they can benefit most from, but given the challenges the last few weeks have caused for global tech teams (because of the changing times due to the Covid-19 impact), sales has undergone a shift.

While the next few weeks are all about putting in place new strategies and policies that can help marketing and sales team ensure business continuity while boosting revenue, let’s take a moment to grab a few top sales and tech sales highlights from the week that went by…

SalesTech Quote-of-the-Week!

There are many issues with remote working: issues related to security; issues around access, Quality of Service, and network performance; and issues with partner access. With the advent of COVID-19, enterprises have been rapidly deploying Remote Worker capabilities at scale; but home Internet performance is inconsistent, with WFH employees using overutilized shared services or services too low in bandwidth to meet WFH requirements.
Tony Velleca, CEO At CyberProof Inc.

Sales Tech Guest Post of the Week

The biggest mistake we’ve noticed at Genflow, are influencers launching products that have very little relation to their own content and personal brand. The product that an influencer launches must resonate with the content they create, so, if you are a successful fitness influencer, launching a fitness platform, apparel or accessories would make the most sense. Read More on -> How To Successfully Launch An Influencer Brand On Social Media by Shan Hanif, CEO at GenFlow

Top Sales Tech News of The Week

Sales Tech QnA with the Expert

Today, it is critical for every sales rep to look at their prospect list through the lens of an account to understand what criteria determines a high value account. From there, develop a deep understanding of the prospect’s business and create tailored messaging that will resonate with them at each stage of the sales cycle.

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