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SalesTech Highlights Of The Week: 10-August-2020: Featuring News From SugarCRM, Drift, 6Sense, SEMrush And More…

Marketing and sales teams are now facing a more urgent need to collaborate with each other more than before to help ensure business continuity and drive success during this Covid-19 induced downtime.

Staying updated on the latest salestech updates  and landscape is crucial during this time to help drive better business results faster.

Here’s where you can catch the top salestech picks of the week to stay informed:

SalesTech Quote-of-the-Week!

The best salespeople are those who can modulate their communication styles and language at the drop of a hat. That way, they can relate to CIOs, technical managers and mid-level managers alike.  Today’s elite tech salesperson has to possess a greater range of knowledge and skills (social, technical, business, and financial) than ever before.
Joe Kosco, Senior Vice President Of Sales At SADA Systems

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Constantly reevaluate leadership. If you’re doing the same thing you’ve been doing with processes and people without any evolution, you’re missing something at best, potentially failing at worst. Business is evolving so it’s logical that people need to evolve as well.





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