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Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: Featuring LiveVox, Aircall, G2, Spiff

To optimize your customer experience, you need to have a balanced strategy and implementation of the right metrics and data analytics systems; which technologies can help and how are sales leaders staying ahead? Catch more in this weekly highlight:


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Automation and AI have matured such that when embedded into sales engagement and other platforms, they can transform the selling and buying process – delivering better seller and buyer efficiencies and greater seller effectiveness. That’s the world we are in now! But companies and business leaders are in different places in the maturity continuum. That’s why it’s essential to have analysts, evangelists, and other individuals out there that demystify these tech decisions and business leaders think through some of these complex decisions.- Mary Shea, VP, Global Innovation Evangelist at Outreach

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SalesTech QnA with the Expert

TSalesTechStar Interview with George Mogannam, Chief Revenue Officer at SnapLogichere are several new technologies to help sales reps do their jobs more successfully and efficiently. Tools that help reps research new companies, and the buyer personas within those companies, are very valuable. However, if you allow tech to drive how you run sales, you will ultimately fail. As an organization, you need to prioritize and invest in the enablement of sales people and hone their sales skills. You can then layer supporting tech on top of this baseline foundation.-George Mogannam, Chief Revenue Officer at SnapLogic

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