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Atrium Launches Automated Goal Tracking to Revolutionize Data-Driven Sales Management

New functionality automates goal tracking for sales, enables instant visibility, accountability and data-driven coaching, driving a 30% increase in win rate

The new features vastly improve sales manager efficiency while providing the insights they need to be more effective managers.

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“Research has shown that 95% of sales teams are operating in a distributed fashion. Now, more than ever, sales managers need the ability to hold their teams accountable at a more granular level”

Sales teams are reckoning with a new way of working according to a new survey conducted by Atrium. The survey of 400 sales managers showed that 95% of teams are either fully distributed or in hybrid mode, and 74% expect to grow their distributed remote teams in the next 12 months. Transparency, structured coaching and efficiency are critical to sales team morale and performance. Managers have been left to manage their teams by solely looking at lagging metrics (like pipeline or bookings) or by gut feel.

The new features enable you to set goals not just for outcome metrics like pipeline and revenue at the team and individual level but also for leading indicator activity-oriented metrics like number of meetings per week or sales email engagement rate.

“Research has shown that 95% of sales teams are operating in a distributed fashion. Now, more than ever, sales managers need the ability to hold their teams accountable at a more granular level,” said Jason Heidema, CEO and Co-Founder of Atrium. “By identifying the right leading indicator metrics, setting goals and monitoring progress, sales managers can deliver targeted coaching and proactively address potential performance issues before results are impacted.”

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“Atrium enables me to identify and set the right activity goals so that I can hold my team accountable to key success metrics and get easy visibility into potential challenges that might impact results,” said Mike Cabot, VP of Sales at Malwarebytes.

“With Atrium my frontline managers can quickly analyze team performance and better focus their coaching efforts. Atrium quickly surfaces potential problem areas around conversions and historical performance so they can wake up with a clear ‘to-do’ list to help their reps succeed!” said Gerry Praysman, Sr. Director of Sales Development at SalesLoft.

Automated goal tracking is immediately available to all customers of the Atrium Data-Driven Sales Management platform. The module features the following capabilities:

  • Metrics Library for Goal Setting: Set weekly, monthly and quarterly goals on any of the hundreds of metrics available in Atrium
  • Team Goals Console: Provides a single view of your team and how your team is performing against each of its goals
  • Rep Goals Console: Provides a single view of each individual on your team and how they are performing against their goals
  • Pace Tracking: Atrium tracks progress for teams and each rep on these goals, projecting where they’ll land based on pacing and alerting you of potential misses ahead of time to allow intervention if needed
  • Outcome Tracking: At the end of each week, month, quarter, and year, Atrium lets you know how everyone performed against their goals
  • Recommended Actions: Provides specific recommendations about how to get back on track
  • Multi-level Goal Management: Enables you to set and track goals at the team and individual level
  • Goal Alerts: Provides proactive notifications of which reps are on track to hit their goals and which are not, delivered in app, via email and via Slack

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