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Customer Engagement Platforms Driving The Online Retail Experience


Customers demand personalized experiences from their favorite brands. Customer engagement platforms are built to help customer facing teams achieve better traction with the customers by enabling better personalization into the customer journey. 

The benefits of customer engagement platforms go a long way and they are now beneficial in driving online retail experiences too. Let us have a look at a few top platforms: 

  • Zendesk

Zendesk is a popular help desk management solution with customizable tools to create a customer service portal, knowledge base and online communities for better communication. Some other features include customizable front-end portal, live chat features and seamless integrations with CRMs like Google Analytics and Salesforce. 

The primary benefit of using Zendesk is the facility for the customer to create a ticket for their query, and also go through existing tickets to find similar answers. 

  • Freshdesk

Primarily a help desk platform, the software is ideal to be used in the customer service strategy. Some options it offers are practically communicating with every customer with the help of live chat, phone calls and social media. A user can automate certain workflows, manage customer self-service, and review reports to conduct a SPOT analysis of the customer service strategy. 

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  • Bold 360

Bold 360 is a leading live chat and customer engagement solution that helps brands effectively engage their customers online all over mobile and social channels. With Bold 360 marketers can utilize its tailor-made chat implementation, which will suit individual deployment strategy, unique business needs and team structure. Some of the prominent features are live chat, security, omni-channel engagement, agent productivity, mobile engagement and so on. 

  • SmartKarrot

Another name that falls in the list of top customer engagement platforms is SmartKarrot. It is an intelligent customer success platform offering in-depth insights into customer health scores. SmartKarrot scales all the customer service operations through account intelligence, automation, playbooks and many more smart tools. 

Get Bold 360, one can enable account expansion, go for renewals and assist customers at each stage of their journey to improve product adoption.

  • ChurnZero

ChurnZero helps you get automatic, real-time alerts whenever there is a customer looking for attention from the brand. From this place, you can easily delegate tasks to customer service reps, evaluate all the customer health scores and track all important things like expansion, onboarding and advocacy. 

You will find a lot of in-built options for marketing and sales automation. 

  • Pega

Pega Marketing offers next step evolution in the area of customer engagement. It beautifully integrates sophisticated real-time customer analytics along with evaluating the context of each customer interaction. The software recommends solutions according to the content, channels and actions of the customer. 

Pega helps users to create deeper connection with their customers. It is time to move beyond the segmentation campaigns and focus on customer experience management across all channels. 

  • Eudata

It is a popular customer engagement hub helping large enterprises to create value added services for the customer base of their company. Anything from the self to assisted services and outbound marketing campaigns, Eudata is one of the best companies that will cover all the moments of interaction between customers and organization. It is possible to humanize customer experience with the help of voice or video on the web or mobile on Eudata.

Some of the popular features of the customer engagement platform are collaboration with Eudata virtual desk, web call back, mobile readiness, security, real-time multi-chat, conversation engine, real-time analytics and session details and so on. 

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