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Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: 26-October-2020: Featuring Conversica, Alteryx, Cisco, IBM And Lots More!

To get better at technology sales, the one crucial basic aspect that matters most involves identifying customers who can benefit from your product or solution and then proactively creating the right strategies with other stakeholders and business heads, to win over them.

What are the latest sales tricks and technologies being used by the best in the industry to drive client wins and engagement?

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The better we can understand how buyers’ sentiments are changing, and by multiplying the different ways we can interact with them, the easier we can adapt our products and positioning. This way we can move away from “our need to sell”, and focus on what our buyers need, become empathetic to their unique situations and understand how we can help. Teams must be prepared to  continue with sales enablement but have a plan for buyer enablement in 2021 and beyond.

Alan Neal, Chief Growth Officer at SoftwareReviews

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To thrive, shopping centers must adapt and meet customers where they want to be met. People want an ecommerce marketplace designed to improve the overall shopping experience, regardless of the shopper’s preference for where to buy and how to receive their goods.



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