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Sales Technology Highlights of The Week: 02-March-2021: Featuring ZoomInfo, IBM, Octopai, GoDaddy!

As sales technologies and marketing technologies come closer to offer integrated benefits, what will influence sales and marketing leaders to choose their tech stack in unison with one another?

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Two of the most important aspects of building out a high-performing team in SaaS are goal-setting and transparency. Your team is just that, a team. Identifying goals and KPIs for your sales and marketing teams to hit is important for generating and sustaining growth for the company and ensuring career growth and development for the team members. – Andy Zimmerman, CEO at ARInsights

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SalesTechStar Interview with Dave Wilner, Chief Revenue Officer at Auth0
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Given that buyers are far more educated today—I think surveys typically conclude that buyers’ technology diligence cycles are often 70+% complete before they ever speak to a sales person—critical sales skills are wildly different than say, 15 years ago, when salespeople could control access to demonstrations or proofs of concept. If your buyer has already done their homework, it’s possible that they only have a few “final mile” questions to get answered before making a decision. – Dave Wilner, Chief Revenue Officer at Auth0

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