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How to Boost Customer Satisfaction With Field Service Solutions

By Samir Gulati, Chief Marketing & Product Officer, ServicePower

The foundational pillar to a business’ success or failure is customer perception and satisfaction. As the consumer landscape changes, any industry that dispatches its skilled workers and assets to off-site locations must react appropriately with their products and services to ensure they are meeting customer’s evolving needs. Due to the vast technological capabilities available, consumers are accustomed to instant gratification and will expect excellent service every time they interact with a company. In fact, 60.6% of customers will switch brands for better customer service.

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Luckily, businesses with mobile workforces have various tools at their disposal that gives them the opportunity to provide excellent customer service, embolden customer loyalty and increase revenue. Together, field service management (FSM) software and customer relationship management (CRM) platforms can boost customer satisfaction and improve business relationships.

Integrate to inform

Cloud-based field service and customer management systems offer businesses total mobility and access to a network of bespoke applications and resources. CRM systems allow companies to track each individual client’s work history, contact records, purchases and maintenance requests so that managers can proactively anticipate a customer’s needs. Meanwhile, FSM allows organizations to efficiently manage the in-person customer relationship by ensuring field technicians service equipment, appliances and devices correctly, schedule work requests and regulatory checks on time and offer the best advice to the client.

The integration of CRM and FSM technologies reduces the need to duplicate information from one solution to another and allows companies to manage different, yet essential aspects of your clients’ needs. By efficiently managing those needs and tracking customer data, companies can keep consumers happy and loyal, while gleaning actionable insights to drive sales.

Sell through service

Once your business has a complete understanding of its clientele, it can better target individual product needs and increase sales revenue. A company’s FSM and CRM systems allows workers to provide personalized service to each customer because the software identifies unique histories and pain points, giving workers a better overall picture of each client. These systems equip field service workers with the tools to become highly effective salespeople.

Field service is often the first in-person connection a customer will have with a company, thereby making the quality of that interaction more impactful to their perception of the brand. It’s vital that a company deliver excellence on the first try in order to gain that customer’s loyalty. This interaction offers field service technicians the unique opportunity to become a trusted representative of the company, as they are in a client’s home and are successfully addressing their problems. In this position, field service workers can leverage data to recommend new products or upgrades based on a customer’s current suite.

A properly informed technician will have access to a tool that integrates CRM and FSM software, allowing them to access a consumer’s complete data history through the CRM records and update product maintenance information on FSM dashboards as they conduct service calls. This data availability affords field service workers the opportunity to take inventory of each individual customer’s existing products and cross-sell or upsell them on additional goods. As 91% of consumers say they are more likely to shop with brands that provide offers and recommendations that are relevant to them, such suggestions will delight the customer by demonstrating an understanding of their needs.

Customer is king

Customer satisfaction is integral to any business’ success. Exceptional field service is the key to increasing brand loyalty and customer happiness as friendly and helpful field service workers become the representative for a company and its perceived efficiency. Equipping field technicians with the power of integrated customer relationship and field service management software allows them to provide extraordinary service from the first interaction, while remaining informed of individual customer’s history and needs to personalize sales pitches and grow business relationships.

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