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Mintegral Granted IAB Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK Certification

The programmatic and interactive advertising platform Mintegral announced that it has received the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Tech Lab Open Measurement SDK certification. This provides Mintegral partners with an extra layer of transparency as it allows for third-party viewability and verification of ad traffic.

Mintegral has also been granted IAB Tech Lab membership, which will enable us to participate in defining and implementing more ad-tech standards in order to drive the industry forward towards a more open and transparent ecosystem.

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The Open Measurement SDK (OM SDK) is a standard launched by the IAB Tech Lab in early 2018, with the purpose to facilitate the measurement of mobile in-app ads by third-party viewability and verification vendors, such as MOAT and IAS. Compliance with this standard eliminates time-consuming and costly custom integrations of measurement vendors’ SDKs.

The OM SDK offers common code and libraries for facilitating third-party access to measurement data. Sites and apps that integrate the OM SDK can send measurement signals to an API, the Open Measurement Interface Definition (OMID). Measurement providers can place tags that collect these signals. More information about the OM SDK standard can be found on the IAB Tech Lab website.

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In order to benefit from the IAB Open Measurement SDK, publishers working with Mintegral need to update to the latest SDK version. Once complete, they will automatically benefit from the OM SDK certification and they won’t need to integrate multiple SDKs from third-party ad verification vendors, thus increasing overall load performance and improving user experience. Also, because more inventory can be measured, publishers can offer more high-quality inventory to attract advertisers and get more offers at higher eCPM, therefore increasing their revenue.

Advertising partners working with Mintegral will be able to run their media buying campaigns more confidently, safe in the knowledge that the OM-compliant inventory provides the highest levels of transparency. Thanks to comprehensive data-driven reports and campaign insights, advertisers can bid on inventory more confidently, which ultimately ensures their investments are legitimate and their brands get the exposure they deserve. The OM SDK is more effective as it is a single-source SDK, which improves the accuracy and performance of the ad performance measurement process.

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