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What Does the Acquisition of SnapApp Mean for Uberflip Users?

It Is No News That Personalization Is the Key to Achieving High Conversion Rates in Sales. The Million-Dollar Question Is- How Do Companies Ascertain That Their Personalization Efforts Are a Cut Above That of Their Competitors? 

Uberflip‘s acquisition of SnapApp is aimed at helping demand marketers within their ecosystem to gauge and sharpen their content strategy. The acquisition will help the company give more insights that will help marketers automate the personalization of content.

Why insights are needed in the content experience?

Your marketing content might be lying in various platforms like Youtube, Slide Share and Twitter. Uberflip has been investing a lot over the past years to help integrate these. The new acquisition of SnapApp essentially helps marketers to understand whether these integrated content is gaining traction. For instance, Uberflip helped its client Snowflakes to identify specifics in their content that drive sales and accommodate these hooks into their marketing e-mails.

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  “Content makes the biggest impact on a buyer when it’s personal. Bringing SnapApp’s team and capabilities onboard will enable Uberflip to improve lead qualifications for demand marketers by providing additional insights to automate more personalized content experiences,” said Yoav Schwartz, CEO and Co-founder of Uberflip  

To drive its point, Uberflip quotes Gartner study which says around 70 percent of the prospects would have already decided on their future with an organization before engaging them. This makes it important to pitch the right message, in the right way, at the right time.

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Making Rapid Strides

The Toronto-based Uberflip was founded in 2012 and it has around 150 staffers. Boston based-SnapApp has only over a dozen people now. They will now join the workforce of Uberflip. Uberflip has an estimated revenue of around $15 million. It has recently engaged in deep collaboration with Bombora and 6sense. Uberflip connects to popular tools, such as Demandbase, Engagio, Google Analytics, and Adobe Analytics among others. It has raised around $41 million Series A funds last year.

 “Uberflip re-defined content marketing’s potential by coining the term content experience and building out a platform that equips marketers with the right content at every touchpoint to drive demand,” said Seth Liberman, CEO of SnapApp. 

 “SnapApp joins the company to help continue its unprecedented growth and bring a broad array of new platform capabilities to Uberflip for demand marketers,” he added.

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