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Marketcircle Empowers Businesses to Close More Deals and Unlock Sales with Daylite’s New Opportunities Board Feature


New feature streamlines and prioritizes sales opportunities by helping all team members visually track sales and progress at every stage; from prospecting, to follow-ups, to closing the deal

Marketcircle, makers of Daylite, the CRM and productivity business app built exclusively for the Apple platform that empowers small businesses to handle more clients, close more deals, execute more projects and boost team collaboration, is excited to unveil its latest product innovation – Opportunities Board that will help its customers foster teamwork and unlock their sales.

The Opportunities Board provides a unified view of every step of the sales pipeline so all team members can visually track, organize and prioritize business opportunities leading to a shorter sales cycle and more won deals.

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Increased transparency with the Opportunities Board means a reduction in time-consuming status update meetings and better team collaboration. Daylite visually tracks the status of opportunities across whole teams, so bottlenecks are identified and productivity and results are boosted.

The Board’s drag and drop functionality allows Daylite customers to move opportunities from one stage to the next and to classify deals as “won” or “lost” by dragging them to the respective status categories. This enables sales teams to spend more energy on the most important active leads and shift laggards to the sidelines.

There is an at a glance view to see all opportunities on one screen, making it easy to identify areas of concern. This empowers teams to take steps to move deals along and follow the best process to bring deals to fruition.

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Early adopters are impressed. “The opportunities board really was a game changer for me,” said Daylite customer Fernando Martínez López. “Before this feature, it wasn’t always easy for me to track new cases and some were remaining outdated in a growing list. With the new boards I can instantly view all of them, the stage and phase, and so on. It’s so much easier to keep them updated. The flexibility of Daylite was key for me to have a powerful solution fully adapted to my everyday job!”

Another Daylite customer, Jackson Doggette, is also seeing benefits. “This is a great help, thank you for developing this incredibly easy to use new tool, I can see where all the money is in my pipeline which allows me to focus where I need to harvest that money.”

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