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Data Enrichment and Data Analytics Tools for Sales

It is crucial for sales and marketing teams to fix outdated data, missing fields as well as incorrect submissions.

Data Enrichment is all about fixing your data. Data enrichment tools utilize the available online resources and offline data analytics to enable this. Whether it relates to exploring new customers’ data or enriching the already fed data in the system, data enrichment tools are very useful to B2B sales and businesses.

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Today, we have millions of records and it is difficult to filter the useful ones from the not so useful data. When this is not possible manually or with the help of your simple CRMs, data enrichment and data analytics tool come handy. These tools enrich low quality records, boost them with the right information and helps improve your outreach. Here are a few examples of AI-powered data enrichment tools that help sales and marketing teams.

  1. Leadspace

With Leadspace you can browse all your electronic records from across the globe and convert the data to help you nurture your existing customers and prospect database. LeadSpace helps you understand your data and when combined with predictive analysis, the sales teams know which customers are likely to purchase the products or services based on their previous preferences.

  1. 4 Degrees

Business and sales is a lot about networking. Businesses who grow their network should also be able to utilize the network for profit. 4 Degrees helps sales teams do just that. With the help of this tool, your marketing team can search through your network and get automated data entry along with intelligent alerts on customer preferences.

  1. is a popular platform that is helping companies exercise control over their marketing functions strategically. With the help of this software, businesses can leverage the benefits of data and technology in one place so that the sales team can make the most out of the leads that have been saved in the system.

  1. Cirrus Insight

Nothing can beat Gmail and Outlook when it comes to sharing company emails and information. However, they too lack a few features. When you realize the shortage of features there, you get Cirrus Insight, which offers an all-in-one solution for your requirements. Cirrus Insights can be integrated into your Salesforce CRM and offers features like drip campaigns, follow up reminders, automated meeting scheduling, analytics, integration with Google Calendar and much more.

  1. Soleadify

Fuel your B2B growth with Soleadify because it helps you dive deep in to customer personalization tactics. The more you understand your customers, the better it is for your growth. Utilize the best data around your prospects and use the same to plan better outreach. Unlike other tools, Soleadify will help you find data on small business owners and professionals such as doctors, lawyers, chefs or any other.

  1. InsideView

InsideView is a popular lead enrichment tool, but besides lead enrichment, it helps companies cater to a lot of other data requirements. With features like data cleanse, lead enrichment and customer data validation, InsideView can sort and refine data, and it can easily meet the demands of several teams in an organization.

  1. Openprise

Openprise comes handy when you at prioritizing tasks related to filling in your incomplete data. With this data analytics tool in hand, you can search for customer records online and fill in the incomplete information at your end. Openprise can search private as well as government data to fill up the missing and correct the incorrect entries.

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  1. Hunter

Based out of France, Hunter is an excellent email marketing software with features that include dynamic content, mobile optimized emails, reporting and analytics, landing pages, customer surveys and so on. The company offers a free version and free trial.

  1. Leadiro

Leadiro is another known email marketing tool to wipe out the burden of manually creating and sending emails to customers. Packed with 36 million email ready contacts and templates, Leadiro empowers your marketing team to identify, target and engage with ideal customers much faster than other methods.

  1. Madkudu

Madkudu is a unique data analytics tools that also has predictive analysis capabilities. There are many tools that help you generate a certain volume of leads, but which tools offer you insights on the best fit customers that are likely to convert? Madkudu does that very beautifully. Madkudu helps you enrich your leads with signals and scores that are the most relevant to you.

In sales and marketing today, it is not only about identifying and sourcing the data, there is also a need to understand where the data comes from and how it is mapped and used as an important source of information.

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