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Digitizing more steps in the typical sales process including contract management can serve to enable salespeople to focus on more crucial sales tasks that can lead to better ROI; catch more tips, insights and the latest in B2B sales and salestech in this weekly highlight;


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While salespeople may not have downtime as the B2B seller is pretty much working non-stop through Q4, they often face the reality that prospects are out of office a bit more often this time of year. So, you have to pivot and schedule your sales process around your buyer’s schedule. You need to have an incredibly disciplined setback schedule.

– Jeremey Donovan, Head of Revenue Strategy at Salesloft

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Automation is one best practice that can have a number of benefits for sales teams and their customers. Automation can expedite authoring, negotiation, approvals, and reporting for salespeople. It can allow salespeople to rededicate their time to their customers while also improving the proposal and quoting process to speed up the sales cycle and overall speed to revenue.

Brian Bartell, VP of AI and Machine Learning, Conga

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