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What current day changes in customer buying trends are significantly impacting marketing and sales? And what should sales leaders do to ensure their team’s success throughout this evolution? Uncover some key tips with this weekly highlight:


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Several major changes are affecting B2B marketing and sales teams today. The biggest is the decline in the effectiveness of many of the tactics and tools currently used in B2B. For example, email blasts that come from either marketing or sales. Many of us have lost patience with the spray and pray email blasts that used to yield results.

Eric Westerkamp, Chief Executive Officer at CaliberMind

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Digital accessibility remains a challenge every industry, organization, and business faces today.  While many organizations start their accessibility journey by focusing on B2C, the need for equal access includes far more than just consumers.  Your employees, job applicants, potential customers, and business partners require digital accessibility too.- Glenda Sims, Chief Information Accessibility Officer at Deque Systems

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