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In order to deliver above-par digital customer experiences, sales and marketing leaders need to focus on building out their teams with the right people, technologies and processes. Catch more on what the leaders in B2B sales focus on aligning to drive these trends in this latest salestech highlight by SalesTechStar!


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Today’s B2B marketers are being asked to drive revenue more than ever before. Whereas CMO’s used to be primarily responsible for raising awareness, shaping perceptions, and driving qualified leads that could be handed off to the sales team, these days they are directly responsible for revenue themselves, and that changes the whole dynamics of their day-to-day operations. To accomplish this new goal, CMO’s must build a tech stack that is specifically designed to help them measure, track and analyze their campaigns, with revenue as their true north. That’s where the growing category of “Revenue Intelligence” comes from.

Vlad Voskresensky, CEO at Revenue Grid 

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SalesTechStar Interview with Phil Harrell, VP and Senior Research Director at Forrester
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To stay in step with accelerating changes in B2B buying, sales leaders must adopt a new approach to how they build, develop, and operate their sales organizations. It requires sales leaders to embrace an insights-driven selling system that prioritizes a more scientific and data-driven approach to empower teams to consistently achieve quota rather than rely on the heroics of a small set of individuals to meet company targets.

Phil Harrell, VP and Senior Research Director at Forrester

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