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Redefining the Enterprise Landscape with Hyperautomation

By Arjun Devadas, Senior Vice President of Professional Services & Operations, Vuram

Have you ever felt the need to replace multiple repetitive and mundane tasks to focus on creative and value-based functions that benefit your business?

Hyperautomation enables enterprises to streamline and automate business processes spanning multiple departments and job functions by orchestrated use of several technologies and tools. Implementing hyperautomation improves efficiency and productivity in an enterprise, eliminating time-consuming and low-level cognitive tasks, thereby freeing employees to focus on more productive and creative work.

The process of hyperautomation involves the application of technologies such as robotic process automation (RPA), business process management (BPM), machine learning (ML), process mining, and artificial intelligence (AI) by optimizing workflow allocation, ensuring repetitive tasks are completed consistently and efficiently. 

The adoption of a combination of technologies resulting in automated processes, improved workflows, enhanced analytics, and better data management has transformed the way businesses operate. With reliance on digitization greater than ever, fueled by the need created by the pandemic, hyperautomation is emerging as a promising technology trend that can revolutionize the future of work. From increasing productivity, enhancing decision making, improving business agility to generating better business outcomes and ROI, Hyperautomation has the potential to drive positive changes across the business landscape. Here are some of the ways hyperautomation is redefining the enterprise landscape:

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Make Informed Decisions

While allowing businesses to explore new automation opportunities, implementing hyperautomation simplifies data analysis, resource allocation, and process discovery, allowing organizations to make informed decisions based on data gathered and analyzed by the automation systems. Hyperautomation provides quicker and accurate insights by leveraging greater intelligence, which is crucial for decision-making thereby enabling businesses to deliver high-quality products or services.

Enhances Collaboration

Hyperautomation aligns teams and processes within the organization, making it easier to collaborate. By intuitively automating the cross-functional activities, collaboration is enhanced among multiple stakeholders leading to clarity, free flow of information, and improved productivity. Besides departments and personnel within the organization, technology-driven automation brings together various business units functioning across industries to explore and utilize critical business potential, giving rise to new opportunities in the market.

People Experience

In a demanding work environment, hyperautomation enables people to focus on those aspects of work that add value to their efforts leading to constant skill development and career progression. Apart from taking away repetitive tasks, the function also helps the people involved give undivided attention and creativity to ensure process improvement and activities that demand a human touch. 

The improved people experience results in higher work satisfaction, allowing room for growth and loyalty. With remote working becoming the new normal, the need to add the human element wherever possible increases. Hyperautomation is the key to adding quality to human involvement, connecting people across the organization, and aligning them with the organizational vision.  

Improved Visibility

By digitizing and automating tasks and functions, enterprises have enhanced visibility over their operations and everyday tasks, suggesting the best ideas to improve efficiency and avoid risks. While this is essential to optimize resources, it also helps identify hidden opportunities and untapped potential within the operational areas. The higher visibility and clarity across operations help the business identify scope for collaboration, expansion, upscale products and services, and opportunities for revenue generation.

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Business Agility

Speed-to-solution is attained by simplifying activities that consume time and effort, enabling the business to function and address challenges around the clock. Automating complicated and complex functions increases agility to operate at a higher capacity reaching out to more customers with the existing resources. While taking over highly repetitive tasks and performing them error-free, processes can be carried out without a break. The ability to provide speed to the solution helps to provide quick turnarounds, expanding the scope to meet customer requirements. 

Improved Return on Investment (ROI)

Automating repetitive and complex tasks reduces the margin for error, improves accuracy, limits wastage, and saves time. By saving time and resources, the organizations can explore additional revenue streams by optimizing the deployment of resources. Hyperautomation also enables organizations to function at their full potential reducing wastage and enabling collaborations at each level. In a data-driven environment, hyperautomation helps the business function at its full potential and delivers an improved ROI.

Get Future-Ready

As the world is recovering from the impact of the pandemic, preparedness to risk that could affect business is a priority. Hyperautomation helps enterprises combine expertise and resources to ensure business continuity throughout business cycles to achieve better outcomes. As remote-working is becoming the new normal, hyperautomation proactively addresses security challenges and streamlines workflows. Since hyperautomation is data-driven and provides space for improvement, the process evolves and grows with the enterprise.

Implementing hyperautomation is the next frontier for organizations to be future-ready to increase connectivity and efficiency of business operations. Most importantly, hyperautomation can be the game-changer enabling organizations to identify solutions in real-time, significantly increasing productivity with the right tools and technology, and accelerating innovation.

If you’re looking at starting your hyperautomation journey, having the right implementation partner can ease the process. 

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