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It all starts with a shared plan. The disconnect between marketing and sales begins to happen when sales goes after one opportunity or use case, and teams or products lack alignment. That’s why it’s critical to have an aligned, coordinated go-to-market strategy.

Fran Wilson, CMO at Boomi

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B2B marketers should also stop trying to get more people to fill out forms and instead focus on the 97% of people who don’t fill out a form to find their next deal. Leading organizations should do away with gated content and instead rely on de-anonymization and third-party intent signals to reduce buyers’ irritation with filling out forms and, consequently, increase vendors’ effect on visitors. Using de-anonymized web traffic together with leads creates the most robust picture of which accounts are in-market. In this survey, we asked how many organizations are de-anonymizing their web traffic and only 26% of organizations were doing this.- Kerry Cunningham, Research and Thought Leadership at 6sense

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