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Fractional Chief Sales Officer Service Launched by Nation’s Leading Executives-as-a-Service Firm

Chief Outsiders’ New Offering to Accelerate Client Revenue Growth with Proven Executive Sales Talent, Complement Executive CMO Service

Chief Outsiders, the nation’s largest provider of Fractional CMO services to grow mid-market companies, announced the launch of its Fractional Chief Sales Officer (CSO) service to accelerate client revenue growth with proven executive sales talent. The new program is modeled on the company’s highly successful Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) offering. It will connect clients with senior executive sales talent experienced in a variety of industries to assure greater success in implementing growth strategies, and it will address the shortage of experienced sales executives.

“When mid-market and startup CEOs are not getting the revenue growth they need, our Chief Sales Officer (CSO) stars will shine as part-time members of the executive management team to take sales to the next level,” stated Art Saxby, CEO Founder and Principal, Chief Outsiders. “When utilized in combination with a fractional CMO, a fractional sales executive becomes the second half of a one-two punch for implementing a winning growth strategy.”

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Flexibility to Build a Solid Sales Foundation

In addition to part-time, executive management team members, Chief Outsiders’ Fractional CSOs will function within a variety of engagement formats to meet client needs.

For example, they can serve as interim executives for CEOs seeking a star performer to boost lagging sales. Alternatively, they can be engaged as an advisor to turnaround a poor-performing sales team or launch a new product. Or lead the sales team while the CEO finds a permanent sales executive.

Each CSO brings specific industry experience to accelerate revenue growth with winning sales strategy, advanced CRM technology, accurate forecasts, and whatever else is needed to build a solid sales foundation. To make sales teams more effective they develop proven training methods customized to each environment.

Project Support, Mentor, and Advisory CSO Services

For extra executive bandwidth or to hand off an entire strategic project, Chief Outsiders’ CSOs provide strategic project support. The CSO program also provides experienced C-level executive coaches to mentor company sales leaders, refine processes, and make big things happen.

For business leaders who want to personally develop their sales strategy and effectiveness, Chief Outsiders offers an advisory CSO service for CEOs. For those who would like an objective opinion about their current sales team composition and structure or compensation model, a sales audit produces actionable insights quickly at a reasonable cost.

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Sales Veteran Appointed CSO Program Director 

The company tapped senior sales executive, John Blessing, to head up the new Fractional CSO program. In his role as CSO Program Director, Blessing works with CEOs of mid-market companies in various industries to match, place, and direct Fractional Chief Sales Officers tasked with accelerating sales growth and profitability for their clients.

As the Chief Outsiders Chief Sales Officer Program Manager, Blessing consistently builds success in growth and turnaround situations in a variety of industries, including professional and financial services, retail, and SaaS. He turns around poor performance and accelerates growth by building and executing strategic sales programs.

For example, he drove net income growth of 700% turning around a 35-year environmental consulting services company by developing and executing a winning sales process and operational strategies.

High-level Executive Sales Talent for Mid-Market Companies

With a unique perspective as a former sales executive at companies in several industries, Blessing will pursue the mission of placing high-level, hands-on sales executive talent within the reach of mid-market companies to take sales to the next level. Many of those companies have faced a talent shortage of experienced sales leaders to help them gain a competitive advantage.

Prior to Chief Outsiders, Blessing served as Chief Operating Officer of Forensic Analytical Consulting Services, Sr. Vice President of Sales at GE Capital Fleet Services, and CEO of MarketAll. He also served as Vice President Sales at Crosscom National LLC, Sr Director Strategic Solutions of Earthlink, and Vice President Sales & Marketing at Jayhawk Acceptance.

Today, Blessing holds a clear understanding of Chief Outsider’s market and the sales challenges faced by clients. The appointment as CSO Program Director allows him to recruit, place and direct additional senior sales executives as needed within the program for the benefit of clients.

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