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Domo Announces New Omnichannel Optimization Solutions For Retailers

Domo announced the availability of a new suite of Domo features and tools in the Shopify app store designed to revolutionize the way retailers run their business. Unveiled at Domopalooza 2024: the AI + Data Conference, Domo can connect and unify a customer’s Shopify data – including transactional, customer, inventory and operational – with any disparate data from other sources in Domo’s database of over 1,000 native connectors. Offering a holistic view of retail operations and customer experiences, underpinned by Domo’s industry-leading AI and automation technologies, the Domo + Shopify app helps retailers boost operations and gain a lasting competitive edge.

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Combined with powerful AI solutions, this new suite of tools empower retailers to make smart, relevant decisions that drive business forward. – Ben Schein, SVP of Product, Domo

Domo gives Shopify merchants the ability to manage all of their important data efficiently and brings a new level of sophistication to decision-making for retail and e-commerce brands. This new solution seamlessly breaks down silos, improves data quality and protects customer information while also integrating data from across the business to inform an omnichannel strategy. It makes it easy to:

  • Surface key insights, like customer behaviors, to deliver more personalized experiences that ignite buyer demand and boost sales
  • Identify patterns that minimize churn, build brand loyalty and create customers for life
  • Mitigate inventory disruptions, anticipate delivery delays and make decisions even faster

“Today’s retailer has a wealth of data available to them, but the question is always how to harness the power of that valuable information if it lives in several hundred spreadsheets, documents and systems? Domo simplifies that with a single source of truth that can show a merchant’s data in Shopify alongside their financial health, operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Combined with powerful AI solutions, this new suite of tools empower retailers to make smart, relevant decisions that drive business forward,” said Ben Schein, SVP of Product, Domo.

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The Domo + Shopify suite includes:

  • Robust Reporting: Provides detailed insights that give retail and e-commerce users a comprehensive view of their data in their Shopify instance(s)
  • Data-Driven Predictions: Empowers users with data science, uncovering valuable forward-looking insights. Domo’s predictive models can help retailers anticipate trends and make informed decisions to stay ahead of the competition
  • Actionable Insights: Powers data-driven actions that enrich user experiences, such as optimizing inventory management and maximizing sales opportunities
  • Exclusive Large Language Models (LLMs): Unlocks insights and recommendations leveraging Domo’s built and hosted LLMs in Domo.AI, giving users a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Powerful and Intuitive Apps: Leveraging Domo’s low-code app creation tool App Studio, retailers can bring together reporting, predictions and insights from Shopify and other data sources in personalized user experiences on any device and from anywhere

“Retailers are facing a confluence of challenging market factors – from tightening margins, to supply chain costs, to shifting consumer behaviors and expectations. Domo’s suite of tools will provide Shopify merchants with even more context about their overall performance,” said Nicolas Chavanes, Partnerships Lead, App Ecosystem, Shopify. “By looking holistically at their business from a data-driven lens, they can more effectively determine an omnichannel strategy and make quick decisions with confidence.”

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