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Drive Better Sales Outcomes with These Quick Tips from Enrico Quaroni, VP of Global Sales at Fanplayr

Enrico Quaroni, VP of Global Sales at Fanplayr recently joined us in an episode of The SalesStar Podcast to talk about his greatest learnings and experiences in B2B and Technology Sales.

Catch the complete episode here:


Here are 4 quick tips from the conversation that can help you drive better sales results:

Start Your Day with a Team Meeting, and By Looking at the Numbers!

As VP of Global Sales at Fanplayr, numbers mean everything (not just to me, but to salespeople everywhere!). I start my day with a quick team meeting and to look at all the numbers to ensure everything is running fine. This is also when we coordinate with customer success teams to identify / pull-out any issues that need our immediate attention!

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The Market is Already (and has been) Crowded for a While…

In technology sales, it is important to understand that the market is already pretty crowded and every target account and prospect receives many different solutions and sales pitches in the day, so things can get messy.

It is at this juncture that sales teams need to think about their prospect’s needs and what possible challenges they face in their current role. The next step then involves creating a sales pitch that helps prospects quickly understand that your solution is the answer to their core issues. While doing this, it is crucial for technology salespeople to breakdown their sales conversation and convey their pitch in a more common and easy-to-understand language.

Key Takeaway:
Identify the biggest problems in client-facing teams to help plan a more effective sales conversation.

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Every Sales Product Makes a Difference, What Difference Does Yours Make?

With the choice of technologies easily available out there, prospects want to know why a particular product will make a bigger difference to them than the one(s) they are already using.

In technology sales, that’s the biggest problem too because there are several overlapping features between platforms.

This is where sales teams can help drive better outcomes by identifying and pulling on those triggers that make a prospect feel that employing a new technology is a good choice!

SalesTech is evolving…so should Salespeople!

The rapid evolution of Sales Technologies is slowly redefining how sales teams approach their tasks.

Now is the time for sales to invest in their data, to understand their prospect’s actual behavior and patterns in order to effectively measure what will work and what won’t when speaking to them. It is also crucial for sales to think of new ways to reach out to prospects with every passing day, given the rapid sales tech cycles!

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