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Videos for Sales Outreach? Yes, please!

We’ve already seen how crucial it is to identify the perfect salestech stack. Besides identifying the salestech stack that works best for you, what’s also important is optimizing the use of every tool you choose and aligning it to your core organizational goals.

While identifying your salestech stack, the main factors that influence the choice of tech you use should be  based on what your prospect needs, or more importantly, what your prospect’s preferred choice of communication and preferred content consumption habits are.

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Sales People are Spoilt for Choice

Email, phone, chat are just some of the (many!) options available to Sales teams, to help bridge the communication divide with prospective buyers. So is there really any need for salespeople to include a video outreach to this list?

According to research reports, video accounts for more than 75% of all of the world’s internet traffic. Cisco’s Visual Networking Index forecasts that by 2022, video will account for 82% of all internet traffic.

These statistics go to show how a growing number of online readers prefer to consume content in video formats. And the reason for this shift is clear – videos are easy to consume, quicker to absorb and convenient to watch while on-the-go!

Videos for Sales – A Must?

The rise of video conferencing solutions and apps makes it easy to record and send crisp videos. Sales reps can use a range of tools to record videos that in turn help offer a more personalized approach to customers.

This is probably why videos are becoming widely popular in sales. It has proven to help grow sales pipelines and close more deals.

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Did you know? A Diode Digital study found that online video is a 600% more effective marketing took than other media formats like print and direct mail combined.

6 Reasons that might inspire you to add Videos to your Sales Outreach

  1. Explainer videos lead to better Sales!

Studies have shown that 74% of the users who watched product explainer videos also bought the product. Given that the most information that gets transmitted to the brain is visual and not words, videos can boost engagement and interest in your product.

  1. Easy to Create

With the wide range of online video editing tools available, and with their features constantly improving, tomorrow’s sales person will be able to shoot personalized videos using their smartphone in minutes…eventually leading to faster deal closures and better sales conversations.

The great thing is that online readers, users and content consumers the world over don’t need videos to look perfect. It’s the message in the video that matters more to them.

In fact, research suggests that users get put off by videos that don’t explain a product well enough, the quality of the video rarely matters.

So there you have it – natural videos with the right message can reduce your prospecting time and lead to better sales deals!

  1. Creates a Sense of Trust for Sales

Nobody likes being sold to! This is what makes everyone fear a typical sales person! Another good thing about video content is that even if its promotional, it will foster a fair bit of trust if its in a video.

A recent study showed that 57% of consumers feel that videos give them more confidence to purchase online.

  1. Better for Search Results and Other Metrics!

Videos can impact your page analytics and campaign analytics by boosting the time spent by visitors on your site. A Moovly blog on ”4 Great Reasons you should use Video Marketing” shares statistics on this. You’re 53 times more likely to show up first on Google if there is a video embedded on a website. This collateral benefit helps sales people indirectly, a stronger online brand presence makes it that much easier to engage with future customers.

Added tip:
  • Optimize your videos on Youtube for SEO
  • Write key word heavy titles and descriptions
  • Add a link back to your website, products, and services
  • Consider Video ads too, they are highly effective!

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  1. Great for Mobile users

90% of consumers watch videos on their mobile. Mobile video views have grown over 233 percent since 2013 while YouTube has reported that mobile video consumption rises 100% year on year.

People like to watch videos on-the-go, and given that the number of smartphone users is growing, this combination seems like a great reason in itself to start shooting your next Sales video!

  1. Explains a lot more for a lot less

If you’re selling a tech product or service, creating a video to show how it works will help you tell your potential buyers much more about the product within a shorter period of time. In a recent study, 83% of businesses who have an explainer video on their home page said having an explainer video turned out to be an effective move.

A Quick Last Word

Videos can provide Sales teams with the right ammunition they need to engage with their potential customers. Before you start shooting one though, here are a few Quick Takeaways to keep in mind:
  • The word ‘video’ when used in an email subject line, increases click-through rates by 13%
  • Mobiles account for nearly 50% of all video traffic
  • Videos that are about 2 minutes in duration get the most engagement.

2016 witnessed a surge in the popularity of video content, 2017 saw it rise to the top of the typical tech marketer’s strategy. 2018 and 2019 saw a growth in demand for video content in the B2B marketing and sales domains.

What will 2020 hold for videos in Sales?

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