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Jolt Consulting Group Releases Whitepaper on Customer Experience During Times of Crisis

Positioning Your Firm for Growth

Jolt Consulting Group, a leading provider of business and technology services for sales and service organizations announced the release of a new whitepaper outlining steps leaders can take immediately to position their firm for growth following the COVID-19 Pandemic. The whitepaper is entitled, “Customer Experience During Times of Crisis.”

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Unprecedented. Catastrophic. Frightening. These and many more adjectives are being used on a daily basis to describe the current global pandemic sweeping the world and, in turn, sweeping our economy off a cliff.  Closures of bars, restaurants, sporting venues, theaters, etc. will all have a significant trickle-down effect on our economy as the supply chain providing goods and services to all those and many more establishments wipes revenue off the board.  While there is little that business leaders can do about the economy and associated pandemic at large (other than follow governmental guidelines), there are many things that leaders can do to protect their companies, their employees and themselves. This whitepaper offers practical guidance for protecting and ultimately guiding your firm.

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“Times of crisis present all of us with personal and professional challenges, but they also present opportunities for those willing to take advantage,” stated Jeff Oskin, President of Jolt Consulting Group. “Understanding the factors that drive your customer experience and learning from those that were successful during past crises provide a blueprint for us to follow. This publication offers the keys to effectively improving your customers experience.”

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