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IntelliChat Launches, Company Data as a Custom AI-Powered Technical Sales and Support Platform

Custom AI for Technical Sales, Support, and Accelerated Training -  IntelliChat™

IntelliChat™ is an AI-driven tool for technical sales, support, and training. It securely uses a company’s data for GPT-like question and answering.

IntelliChat is a cutting-edge AI-powered technical sales, technical support, and training tool. Their AI solution securely creates a Chat GPT-like interaction with a company’s own proprietary and internal data for use by sales, support, and training personnel. A dashboard provides key feedback to the management team including metrics such as usage, queries, and trends.

The IntelliChat™ AI system is capable of analyzing thousands of internal company resources such as knowledge base articles, videos, previous support tickets, and training manuals. The system works by securely using all of the available resources to privately train the AI, which can then be utilized by various departments to increase and expedite sales, training, and customer satisfaction.

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As a core feature, IntelliChat™ utilizes proprietary prompting, a suite of machine learning tools, and AI models to provide a question-and-answer interface for end users, support techs, and technical salesmen. Additionally, IntelliChat™ can provide chat-like interactions with end users and expedite training for new support techs while integrating into virtually any system. Their development team can also provide custom solutions around AI.

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IntelliChat™ Founder and CEO James Moelk has been spearheading the creation of their solution since 2022, as large language models became readily available for use. “We are able to provide powerful solutions, which have not been available before, to support sales teams; this is a direct result of modern AI Models, like those from Open AI and others.” IntelliChat™ is continuing to expand its offerings as AI technologies progress and become available for commercial use.

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