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Metazoa Announces “Smart Deploy” Automation for Leading Salesforce Org Management Tool Snapshot

Metazoa Snapshot combines powerful visualization tools with automated org deployment features for streamlined, one-click Salesforce org management

Metazoa, developers of the Salesforce ecosystem’s top software toolset for org management, today announced that Metazoa Snapshot now features “Smart Deploy” functionality that automates hundreds of Salesforce org management tasks. Metazoa Snapshot is the industry’s most comprehensive toolset for Salesforce org management, optimization and technical debt removal.

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“Salesforce Administrators have a ton of responsibility on their shoulders,” said Metazoa CEO Jennifer Mercer. “In any given day, there are 250 different metadata types they have to analyze in order to manage a Salesforce org effectively. Technical debt, compliance, optimization, cleanup, and security are major parts of an administrator’s job, and we have made that job easier by completely automating the problem identification and resolution process.”

Metazoa Snapshot is known for its industry-leading deployment tools and reports. However, these capabilities were somewhat isolated in previous versions of the platform. With the introduction of Smart Deploy, busy administrators can now see problems in a report and then instantly launch deployment tools to resolve the issue. No other org management solution pairs visualization reports with automated deployment tools.

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Smart Deploy for Metazoa Snapshot is a new kind of deployment technology focused on org management. Key updates include:

●      Field Usage Report Automation: This report analyzes selected objects and generates comprehensive information on usage for each field. The number of empty values, the number of distinct values, the field creation and modification dates, and all compliance information is displayed. With Smart Deploy, users can automatically delete or deploy these objects. 

●      Forgotten Assets Report: This report allows users to select dozens of metadata types to discover which ones are inactive, disconnected, no longer in use, or not properly configured. Smart Deploy lets users delete or deploy assets at the push of a button.  

●      View Profiles and Permission Sets: The view profiles and permission sets interface has powerful tools that enable the bulk editing of profiles and permission sets. Users can edit the permissions for Apex class accesses, Apex page accesses, application visibility, custom metadata, external data sources, field permissions, flow accesses, layout assignments, object permissions, record type visibility, tab visibility, user permissions and custom permissions. With Smart Deploy, users can instantly deploy these changes. 

Snapshot’s Smart Deploy functionality also helps IT leaders to better align DevOps and Salesforce Administrator functions across the entire enterprise.

“DevOps teams tend to focus on the applications they are building or the code they are writing,” added Metazoa CTO Bill Appleton. “But Salesforce Administrators have a broader responsibility to manage the release cycle, customize the Salesforce CRM product, and implement corporate policies. Snapshot’s new automation helps to bridge the gap between these two different activities.”

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