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Xeno Holdings Expands Its Service with Xeno Spaces and Xeno Cube

Xeno Holdings Limited, a Hong Kong-based Investment Company is successfully launching the first installment of its Xeno Spaces platform on June 22nd 2021.

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We think Xeno Spaces will bring extended exposure to our services to more traditional industry and help enable interesting real-world experiences that are not offered by other digital platforms”

— Alan Miller

Xeno Spaces is a physical exhibit and installment where partnered artists with exclusive Xeno NFT content can display their artwork and interact with patrons in a more traditional atmosphere. Xeno Spaces aims to bridge the gap between the digital and physical worlds by providing users with a holistic and seamless experience.

“We think that Xeno Spaces will bring extended exposure to our products and services to a more traditional industry and help enable interesting real-world experiences that are not offered by other digital platforms,” stated Dr. Alan Miller, President of Xeno Holdings, “We expect both partners and users to benefit from our Xeno Spaces campaign. Users get an interesting real world gallery style experience, partnered artists get to create new content that is enjoyed in both digital and real mediums. It’s a great way for us to support our content creators in a meaningful way.”

Xeno Spaces’ inaugural exhibit features Peter Moon, a South Korean artist renowned for his work in watercolor and experimental and playful style. Mr. Moon has recently partnered with Xeno to explore the use of NFTs in his artwork.

The exhibition on the 22nd is being galleried at a trendy Knight Frank managed property in Seoul, South Korea, and is catered towards a pop-up-styled exhibit that will only last for a few weeks.

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Mr. Moon’s offering, and the focus of the exhibit, is a new addition to “The Water of Life” series under the exhibition name of “Flow Towards a New Era”. This newest installment features a canvas split into four pieces but created as a whole artwork. Each canvas piece is accompanied by a digital NFT that encapsulates an image of the whole four canvas artwork, an image of the individual one-of-four artworks, and a short video piece documenting the creation process.

Xeno Holdings will run future installments of the Xeno Spaces campaign in the near future bringing other top-tier and up-and-coming artists to the foreground, looking to lead the way for others in the newest cross-bred space of digital/real art mediums.

Also, Xeno Holdings Limited with a portfolio of technology-oriented start-ups has partnered with multinational-based 7K Immersion Inc. to form a joint venture company for the development of its latest product, Xeno Cube, among other metaverse-based initiatives.

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