Marrying emerging technology with practical application, Adjustify is offering a new level of face-to-face engagement that sets a fresh stage for remote interactions with users. With the incorporation of on-site inspections and advanced video calling, this state-of-the-art technology makes connecting with customers easier than ever before. What was initially developed for insurance companies for remote inspections has expanded into municipal departments, staffing organizations, furniture companies, and more.

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Augmented reality (AR) technology, particularly its measurement tools, have opened the door to a myriad of new opportunities for businesses across a wide range of industries. COVID-19 has transformed the business landscape in countless ways, most notably the change in human-to-human interaction. The change has sparked innovation from industry to industry, and AR has been one of this change’s greatest beneficiaries.

While tech giants like Google are first dipping their toes into AR, Adjustify’s engineers have managed to keep a finger on the pulse of emerging technologies before and during the pandemic. They have successfully incorporated AR into its SaaS product and thus taken its capabilities to the next level.

Whether being used for remote video inspections or as a virtual claims adjuster, Adjustify gives new meaning to convenience. And this convenience significantly drives down operational costs. Video calling has been the lifeline of business during the pandemic, but Adjustify’s proprietary technology incorporates AR to seamlessly bridge the gap of virtual human-to-human interaction.

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Some of the most prominent features of Adjustify include:

  • Scheduling, chat, video conferencing, video conferencing recording, and augmented reality work simultaneously – offering an easy, elegant platform to the end user
  • Customizable dashboards ensure that individual needs are met – in fact, RD Global (Adjustify’s parent company) welcomes the opportunity for their clients to customize and create their own version of the platform
  • Control their customer’s camera from their desktop – gaining full access to the phone’s flashlight, camera, and zooming features, all while taking measurements via AR
  • Video conferences are saved in the cloud to safeguard an immutable recording with built-in AR
  • Users are able to increase productivity while decreasing operational costs and travel time
  • Provides a Geolocation functionality that allows the verification of the client’s location
  • Solidifies an engaging digital experience for the end user, capitalizing on the “new normal” of virtual interactions

From in-depth measurements to personal interaction, gathering data remotely with AR generates rich information that would normally require an on-site presence. Disruptive technology like AR allows for software to do the heavy lifting, illuminating new possibilities for legacy industries like insurance, construction, and government.

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