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BBTV Launches Video Comparison Solution for Content Creators to Increase Viewership Growth and Monetization at Scale By Providing Actionable Insights

BBTV Holdings, a media tech company that uses technology enabled solutions to help content creators become more successful, announces the launch of its new Video Comparison analytics solution for content creators of all sizes.

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  • BBTV’s solutions drove a 19%1 average revenue lift for BBTV content creators year over year from 2018 to 2019, and this new addition to the company’s technology suite is expected to assist creators in further augmenting their views and revenue performance.
  • BBTV’s new Video Comparison analytics solution highlights key video performance metrics to the content owner in a seamless interface, allowing them to compare their content, inform, and expedite their content strategy.
  • The solution complements BBTV’s extended suite of technology solutions for content creators that address their key needs, such as content discovery, engagement, collaboration, brand safety and monetization.

Technology is a core driver of BBTV’s offering and a key differentiator for the company as a comprehensive end-to-end solution for content creators, who range from individual influencers to large media companies. The newly launched Video Comparison analytics tool further expands on BBTV’s existing suite of tech solutions, and helps inform the content strategy of content creators.

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The new Video Comparison solution analyzes metrics including views, engagement, viewer retention and revenue for video content. It provides comparative performance data between different videos, which allows content creators to build, create and enhance their content. The technology leverages BBTV’s significant dataset of 2.5 billion video assets2 to present actionable insights specific to each content creator, such as focusing on optimal content lengths, title formats or calls to action based on the performance of their videos.

“We perform extensive user testing, interviews and surveys with content creators to identify their needs and translate that into the products we develop. Our content creators have made it clear to us that understanding often complex platform analytics is one of the biggest challenges they face,” comments Mehrdad Fatourechi, Vice President, Engineering at BBTV. “The most valuable resource for a content creator is having more time to make great content. Whether we’re saving them time during content optimization, ensuring their content is brand safe, or helping them steer their content strategy, we set a high bar for ourselves in driving their success and ultimately, our own.”

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