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The COVID Shutdown Forced Businesses to Quickly Become Digital

 Lynda Roth

Digital transformation expert Lynda J. Roth reveals what they must do now

As U.S. businesses reopen after the pandemic, they are doing so amidst changing expectations; consumers and business customers now expect to have the convenience of digital purchasing, delivery, or curbside pickup and they expect to have an in-store experience online. Employees expect to be able to work remotely. In addition, many of the distance requirements and sanitation processes in warehouses, factories, offices will likely become permanent.

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Digital Transformation: An Executive Guide to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy

But according to Lynda J. Roth, author of Digital Transformation: An Executive Guide to Survive and Thrive in the New Economy, the technology that was hastily put in place to support businesses during the shutdown needs to be enhanced to be permanent and the requirements for businesses to transform for the digital economy are even more urgent now than they were pre-COVID.

Roth, an executive digital transformation coach who has been successfully transforming businesses for two decades, says automation in warehouses, manufacturing facilities and retail, restaurants will also need to be enhanced as businesses move to higher volumes.

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In an interview, Roth can talk about what businesses need to consider as they reevaluate their operations for a post-pandemic business environment. Among the topics she can address are:

  • 5 key steps for transforming to a 21st-century business
  • Mistakes executives are making with digital transformation
  • 4 major societal and business shifts that occurred in the last 200 years
  • Lessons to learn from including why Sears didn’t do what Amazon did

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