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Amid all the evolutions in B2B sales today, one thing that stands out is the need for brands and sellers to create more humanized campaigns and conversations with prospects and customers. Catch this weekly highlight for quick tips, insights and updates on the latest in salestech and B2B sales: 


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Establishing a sales process is critical to create the structure that allows your sales professionals to use their energy, brains, and personality to make ROI happen through relationships. Far too many businesses, though, introduce too many rigid steps that make the person on the other end of the zoom really feel like a prospect, and they often make it so complex that a salesperson can’t use their inherent charm because they’ve got so many steps in the playbook to follow. To increase ROI, challenge your business to make the playbook fit on one page, simplify things for your reps, and let them build relationships. (Side note: I like to laminate the 1-page playbook and mail it to salespeople. You can’t put things on people’s desks anymore!)

Sam Moorhead, VP of Sales at Copper CRM 

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SalesTechStar Interview with André Ferraz, Founder and CEO of Incognia
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When it comes to e-commerce more specifically, sites will usually request an address, whether for delivery or billing purposes. With location data, you are able to verify if a user is located at that address, or if a device is used multiple times at that address. We see 93% of addresses provided are from where users go on a weekly basis. That can streamline the process tremendously. André Ferraz, Founder and CEO of Incognia 

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