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Rule #1 for CROs today is building teams with whom you love working and winning. The people component always has been crucial, but the last few years have shone a brighter spotlight on the importance of workplace engagement for all employees, from frontline workers to sales teams. With this new reality, CROs today should emphasize people and professional growth as they do on pure sales numbers, with the understanding that success in the former will generate the latter.

Steve Terp, Chief Revenue Officer at Appspace

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According to the annual Bad Bot Report, only 62.1 percent of web traffic is generated by actual humans—the rest is bots. These bots steal credit card numbers, customer login details, and personally identifiable information (PII) and commit automated fraud attacks. To combat this traffic, ecommerce companies have been relying on the use of CAPTCHAs to distinguish between humans and bots. However, traditional CAPTCHAs cause a lot of friction that can reduce conversions significantly. –Reed McGinley-Stempel, CEO at Stytch

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