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How will AI benefit the entire B2B RFP process? And as AI advances change the game for sellers, what should sales leaders keep in mind to draw relevant insights from their AI powered analytics and salestech systems? Catch more from this week’s salestech highlight:

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No matter how quickly AI-powered salestech and martech take off, the human element will always be relevant. AI and technology will continue to be helpful tools when it comes to automating tasks and filtering through data to connect the dots, but there’s something to be said about human interaction as well–especially in terms of understanding customer needs and establishing trust. I believe a mix of the two is crucial to making sense of all the nuances of building and forging genuine, long-lasting customer relationships.

Shaun Shirazian, Chief Product Officer at Pipedrive

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Sales and marketing techniques have had to change significantly over the last two decades, and businesses need to be able to quickly pivot to meet these changing needs. By harnessing the power of AI and pushing through the noise to see what businesses are seeking to achieve, sellers can create more prosperous vendor relationships. I am always thinking about business perception from a consumer perspective, which I think will be a critical skill to have as organizations continue to face an ever-changing marketplace.– Viviane Campos, 

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