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Why is it becoming critical for buyers and sellers to focus on transparency in order to deepen business relationships? Catch this week’s latest sales and salestech highlights to uncover some insights and thoughts by leading industry practitioners:


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You can’t turn into a tech company overnight (and we shouldn’t all try to turn our businesses into tech companies in the first place — we all should optimize and maximize our strength points). This means that you need to partner with a comprehensive, niche-specific, purpose-built platform solution.

Alina Trigubenko, CEO and Founder, Profi

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SalesTechStar Interview with Jim Thomsen, CEO at Zimmi
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Buyers and sellers must prioritize transparency, global choice and ease of connectivity. Many B2B companies use the same three or four suppliers because they are dependable and it’s hard to find new suppliers. Now, suddenly, those suppliers have been compromised by current supply chain disruptions. Trying to find a reliable, cost-effective new supplier is like trying to find a needle in the haystack. – Jim Thomsen, CEO at Zimmi

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