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Sales Dialers: How Leading Sales Teams Use Sales Dialers to Drive Better Output

Sales dialers can enhance your sales experience. Here’s a quick lowdown:

Sales reps make calls and there is always a possibility of coming across a number of unanswered calls. It has been estimated that one sales rep makes approximately 52 calls a day, and 15% of their time is spent leaving voicemails. 

Even though sales reps undergo intensive training, they may get demotivated when they are unable to reach prospects, especially while dialing numbers manually. 

Installing sales dialers can enhance sales processes

A sales dialer is a simple electronic device aimed at automating and simplifying manual dialing process for contacting prospects. With such a technology installed, it can add a whole new dimension to the mundane cold calling process and help sale professionals call a prospect at the click of a button.

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This way the whole calling process can turn out to be more efficient; here’s how:

  • Higher Productivity

Sales dialers can at least automate cold calling to help the sales reps save time. Automated dialing process improve the chances of connecting with potential clients who will answer. 

  • Improved Conversion

We know that not all calls get connected to the prospective leads in the first attempt. Sales dialer tools help the reps retry the abandoned calls after some-time depending on the previous results. These dialers can further be automated with different strategies to improve the end conversion. 

  • Simplified Prospecting

If you have a lead management software, you can integrate it with your sales dialer. While the lead software helps you filter the banned and DND numbers, sales dialers will speed up calling the right prospects. 

Sales dialers can always ensure that the agents are always connected to a live call while filtering out the rest. It can drastically improve the conversion rate per sales rep and maximize profitability and productivity. 

  • InsideSales

One of the big names in sales dialing, InsideSales aims at enhancing the sales-lead management experience of the sales reps. It helps the reps close more deals with its cloud-based features, it helps the sales managers build a stronger pipeline and close more of the right deals. 

  • CrazyCall

CrazyCall is a business phone system that aims at increasing the chances of converting prospects. The phone system can facilitate inbound calls helping reps look at each important prospect with better filtering techniques.

  • RingDNA

RingDNA is another popular sales dialer to fix your broken sales experience. It is primarily a software for inside sales and enterprise voice communications. It also offers robust integrations with Salesforce. Launched in the year 2012, it has grown very well in the past few years. 


It is a dialer tool aiming to help businesses improve caller productivity while bringing in insights on all sales teams activities. The tool can be easily integrated with Salesforce – like an integrated phone system. It comes with a range of premium features to help sales teams increase their productivity and revenue. 

  • Aircall

Aircall offers one of the best phone systems for modern businesses. Suited for all kinds of businesses, Aircall is a cloud-based software for corporate phone systems and call centers. With an easy setup and powerful integration, it is a perfect dialer tool for modern business needs. It is an end-to-end tool helping sales teams to secure new prospects. 

  • CallHub

CallHub is an award-winning software for voice broadcasting, phone banking, SMS broadcasts and lots more. Currently being used in more than 200 countries, the tool can be easily integrated with a wide range of CRMs, helping modern businesses achieve their sales goals seamlessly. 

A quality sales dialer can take your sales initiatives to the next level. It is important to take your time to assess the various tools available and to make a prudent choice. 

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