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How can B2B teams enhance their client demo and meeting processes? What type of sales cycle enables brands to stand out from their competitor’s typical customer journey? Catch a few top best practices and tips from this weekly salestech highlight:


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Smart brands know that the best way to engage with customers is to go to them, and WhatsApp is where they are. As the world’s most popular messaging platform, used by over 2 billion people in over 180 countries, it is in retailers’ best interests to leverage WhatsApp as a customer service channel.

Ray Nolan, Founder at eDesk

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Modern WFM systems provide a mobile self-scheduling capability that allows employees to have accessibility and flexibility to better manage their work schedules and communicate with their employers about what they need. This has made a huge difference to managers and mobile technology has caused 61% of the leading global retailers to have more trust in their frontline workers while they are working.-Sandra Moran, CMO at Workforce Software

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