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Product led growth serves up a host of benefits to SaaS vendors, but there are a couple of ground rules that B2B leaders suggest brands follow in order to boost the potential returns from this strategy. Catch more from this week’s sales and salestech highlight:


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With trends like PLG and AI I think the pressure on great salespeople is going to be even bigger and they will end up having a bigger impact on the outcome of the sales cycle. This might sound a bit backwards, but with more and more of the sales cycle happening before the buyer speaks to a salesperson, that person only has one chance to accomplish what in the past was achieved over multiple conversations.

Frida Ottosson, VP of US Sales at Cognism

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Great sales assisted PLG is really about having your processes nailed down, making sure that your resources are aligned to specific go to market motions and are efficient for scaled growth. That concept of efficient growth is really what the market is looking for right now. Buyers have a lot of folks vying for their attention right now so making sure that they have a really thoughtful, personalized experience is more important than ever. Every lead, prospect, customer really needs to be treated like a VIP right now. – Kristen Habacht, Chief Revenue Officer at Typeform

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