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What’s the latest in go-to-market that’s redefining how GTM teams plan their tactics? And how are new age salestech solutions enhancing the end-to-end GTM cycle? Find out in this week’s salestech highlight:


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What excites me most about AI in salestech is its ability to increase the outreach response rate. AI can analyse communication patterns and digital footprints to create detailed personality profiles of prospects and customers. This level of insight allows sales and marketing teams to tailor their strategies and communications more effectively, which drives higher engagement and conversion rates.

Dorian Ciavarella, Founder and CEO at Zeliq

SalesTech Shout out-of-the-Week! is a leading AI data platform for go-to-market teams. Since 2016, has been transforming how go-to-market teams improve sales effectiveness and win rates via industry-leading comprehensive data foundation and generative AI capabilities. With’s SalesAI platform, teams can unlock the value of their data to automate many strategic sales activities, including account planning, deal inspection, content generation, account enablement, and even forecasting. Companies like Verizon, IBM, Red Hat, Cisco, Zoom, and Palo Alto Networks rely on’s enterprise-grade, patented AI technology.

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I think the influx of data has posed an operational challenge in B2B sales. More data can be helpful, of course, but if it’s not analyzed properly, it can create more disorganization and “clutter” to sift through. It’s imperative to invest in technology that can dissect and contextualize the data.

Fortunately, advancements in artificial intelligence make it possible to take in more information, faster, to offer tailored solutions to each individual prospect and customer.                –Cody Manning, Chief Sales Officer at Yooz

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