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CRMs are evolving to turn into all inclusive platforms that can offer sales and marketing teams a lot more in terms of process unison and better data practices; how do leading B2B sales teams optimize their sales operations and salestech to drive results? Catch these latest, tips, ideas and salestech insights from this latest weekly highlight:


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The biggest transformation is that big data and AI take the guesswork out of the whole go-to-market process. So the old debates we used to see between marketing and sales (“Why aren’t you working the leads we got you?” “These leads are junk!”) just don’t happen anymore. Revenue teams are now making joint decisions based on shared intelligence. The end result is that deals convert faster and more easily, and teams are happier and more successful.Jason Zintak, CEO at 6sense

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SalesTechStar  Interview  with  Dale Durrett,  Vice President of Partnerships at Bombora 
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Team leaders also need a way to manage the business day to day and report out on a quarterly basis. This is done best by establishing and clearly communicating key goals and objectives on a quarterly basis, with frequent check ins, using a OKR framework or the like is helpful to keep everything on track.

Dale Durrett,  Vice President of Partnerships at Bombora 

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