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SalesTech Highlights Of The Week: 17-August-2020: Featuring News From Cisco, Gong, Genesys, Zilliant And More…

How do you evaluate your sales teams’ ROI during a downtime? Or, what can you do as a salesperson or sales leader to grow business results faster during a downtime? Global sales teams are finding the need to innovate during this time in order to stand out in a market that is weakened due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. With the Covid19 pandemic effects still impacting global businesses, it is causing a change in how sales is has to reinvent processes to drive successful outcomes.

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It is clear that for the foreseeable future, sales professionals will need to adapt technologies that will allow them to build and maintain connections with clients and potential customers while adhering to social distancing requirements. Video conferencing, virtual shared working spaces and similar technologies that support remote collaboration are examples of such technologies that are important that sales managers understand how to use effectively to maintain personal contact with clients as well as with distributed teams.

Dana Attar, Vice President Of Products At Tikal Center

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As the markets are becoming more and more competitive with information overload for buyers, the role of a sales person for a buyer is changing into a problem solver and a sense-maker. Hence, the sales technology vendors including sales enablement need to develop tools that help sellers play this role of a problem solver to the buyer’s expectation and establish credibility as a trusted partner.


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