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Partner Relationship Management Tools To Help you Boost your Communication Strategies

Communication plays a key role in any organization. Regardless of who the business communicates with; employees or partners, it is important to have specific and clear communication.

We have seen plenty of tools help enable employee communication, partner relationship management tools can help a business communicate effectively with its partners and collaborators. Here are a few examples of global PRM tools that not only help any business streamline their communication with partners, but also help them track their sales records with those partners and collaborators.

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Partner Relationship Management (PRM) has come of age and it has matured for the better over the years. Today, the set of modern PRM software have gladly integrated CRM and marketing automation features to provide better capabilities.

  1. Allbound PRM

Allbound is a known PRM tool commonly used by Fortune 500 companies. It is a cloud based tool facilitating organizations and their channel sales and marketing processes. It is one of the most intuitive and mobile-friendly resources for real-time access, sales enablement and more. With Allbound, it is very convenient to keep the partners, resellers and distributor interactions on the same page.

  1. Elioplus PRM

Elioplus was developed by its developers for three main reasons:

  • It helps vendors recruit new channel partners to grow the network.
  • Elioplus offers partner-to-partner functionality with which organizations incentivize through their network.
  • The third reason – it offers a free plan for small channel vendors.
  1. Impartner

Impartner is considered one of the top heavy weights when it comes to PRM software. The main advantage of this PRM tool is that its features are not only limited to larger organizations, but to others as well. The main features the tool offers are sales enablement, lead management, partner locator and more.

  1. Logic Bay

This PRM was launched in 2003, and along with partner management tool functionalities, they also offer crowdfunding portal solutions. The tool empowers sales channel growth and it is mostly used by manufacturing industries. The main features include document management, local marketing automation, CRM, seamless collaboration and more.

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  1. Channeltivity

Channeltivity is a well-known PRM player in the market and it offers incredible modules such as deal registration, resource library, partner management, resource library and many more. It is a user-friendly PRM tool that helps channel different aspects of your business partnerships.

  1. ZiftSolutions

Ziftsolutions is popular due to the basic and effective functionalities it offers. This PRM can sort your content management, onboarding, deal registration, lead distribution, and other sales tasks. It is commonly used in technology and telecommunications, but it is also being used in manufacturing today. Ziftsolutions is often considered an Enterprise Channel Management leader in the industry.

  1. Mindmatrix

Mindmatrix offers sales software solutions along with partner solutions. The PRM tool offers plenty of features including MDF module, reporting, deal registration and more. The main industries that this PRM tool focuses are real estate, finance, insurance, retail, hi-tech, manufacturing and advertising. It is essentially a unified platform to cater to the need of the entire sales process from lead to revenue.

  1. Convey Services

Convey offers global SaaS solutions to many multinational companies. Along with its partner portal, the company also offers membership portals, customer portals and content intranets. Convey Services can streamline your communication with your partners, customers, employees withing one single platform.

  1. Out work

Outwork is mainly for the onboarding of partners, but it also features a marketplace where you can showcase your customer integration. With Outwork, the integration with partners becomes easy, quick and convenient. Further, they offer various plans and packages for small, medium and larger organizations.

  1. Get Partnered

Get Partnered offers facilities such as partner registration, deal details, analytics, opportunity pipeline and onboarding with great ease. The set-up and installation is very easy and it offers easy integration with other CRM tools that you have already installed.

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There is an endless list of software tools for any area of sales today. There are plenty of PRM tools available too, to help streamline partner and channel communications, choosing one on the basis of your business need, budget and short-term plans can help save time on these interactions while ironing out other common administrative issues.