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How PATRON Is Revolutionizing Social Media Marketing With Blockchain

PATRON makes it easier for advertisers to connect with the right influencers. The intuitive system allows both advertisers and influencers to reach out to one another. Influencers are sorted into genres and ranked according to their following.

If an advertiser has any questions for an influencer, they can simply ask them. They have an integrated messaging service.

Information about the influencer is presented in a clear and easy to understand format. You can see an influencer’s media, their genre, and their income ranking at a glance. You can also view their content to get a true feeling for their personality and brand. From here you can choose your prospective influencer. If all goes well, you will build a relationship based on trust and mutual benefit, bringing both of you success.

Influencer’s Earning Potential

PATRON offers influencers a platform to put their abilities to use and be rewarded according to the value they provide. Effective influencers can earn a stable income on the PATRON platform. They can have the freedom to create a thriving business for themselves.

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Influencers can also recruit potential buyers anonymously. If the buyers like the influencer’s offer, then they will send a purchase order. From here the platform covers every step.

What PATRON offers is a stage for influencers to put their best foot forward and grow their business. While they are carefully curated, they are given the opportunity to reach across the globe and create fruitful relationships with advertisers who can grow with them.

Smarter & Safer Collaboration

PATRON is a safe and efficient medium for not only connecting but collaborating. All users are protected from fraudulent activities, while also being freed from brokerage commissions.

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The PATRON platform mediates the communication between both parties. They employ smart contracts to foster faster and safer communication. They are also what makes it possible to remove unnecessary fees, saving influencers and their client’s money.

The Final Word On Patron

By bringing blockchain technology to the table and creating the most modern platform, PATRON has brought transparency and ease-of-use to social media advertising.

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