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Sales Technologies That Can Improve Sales POCs (Proof of Concepts!)

Theoretical explanations of an idea or concept pitch do not determine the success of the idea. Proof of concept is an exercise to check if a particular theme or idea is viable and to see if it is ready for final execution. POC is submitted to the hierarchy of a company or potential investors to fund the idea into motion.

In the software market, potential buyers demand a sales POC to understand what the software can offer. A well-pitched sales POC can convince the potential buyer to become an actual buyer. Sales Proof of Concepts are often advocated in B2B markets. POC can contain an array of convincing information and data such as:

  • Projected financials
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Marketing strategy 
  • ROI credentials
  • Reviews and testing results
  • Business plans

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Sales Pitch Stages

Every great sales pitch should present the product in a convincing light. The product should be set as something that the client needs, as something that solves the client’s problem, and finally, as something that provides constructive results that can cut down client expenses while inherently benefiting them. A live demonstration of the product can be posed as a guided trial, workshops, POC & POV, or a pilot. 

Sales technologies include innovative platforms, approaches, methods, software applications, and services that enhance sales prospecting strategies.

With several start-ups and established companies offering a wide range of tech-powered solutions for making sales pitches, corporations can now easily make presentations in front of the client with better proof of concepts. 

Top Sales Platforms That Enhance Sales Proof of Concepts 

There are several sales management software to test and optimize a POC so that it can be presented in an impressive way to the end customer. Some tools that can help along the way:

  • Rollworks – Rollworks provides a validated target list of prospect clients. It is an account-based platform for B2B companies, giving them access to over 400 billion other verified companies, which can be possible leads.
  • Revegy – Revegy is an account-based sales technology that enables companies to plan strategies, navigate through sales processes, make predictions and execute the sales procedure. 
  • ClicData – Customer relationship management (CRM) is made easier when the sales action is fuelled by analytics and data. ClicData provides Key performance indicator reports, cloud data analytics from more than 250 sources. It helps organize data through custom use dashboards.
  • Crystal – Understanding the client is essential in preparing an effective sales pitch. Crystal gives personality insights on possible client companies and making suggestions on customizing the sales pitch. Top tier companies like Coca-Cola, Airbnb, Hyatt, Disney, and Adidas have been known to use crystal.
  • Mediafly – Well-researched statistics are known to convince the prospective client into becoming a loyal customer. Mediafly is an ROI selling tool that provides sales enablement. It provides interactive presentations that are easier for the client to relate to. 
  • Sisense – Data and analytics help understand and upgrade the sales pitch and POC. Sisense provides data from several sources with AI analytics. 
  • Apptivo – Apptivo is an integrated software that provides CRM, project management, email marketing, expense reports, and more, serving several B2B sectors. 
  • Salesflare – a CRM tool that pools all data from emails, social media to phone and message logs. It helps to organize client dealings by automated filing systems, making the entire process easier. 
  • Apollo – a lead-generating platform that helps run campaigns, provides prospects, AI recommendations, sales automation, and data-backed analytics, all of which can increase customer engagement rate with prospect clients. 
  • Email Analytics – As the name suggests, email analytics provides all needed data surrounding email marketing to make better timed and curated emails to the most viable customers. It has an average 16% increase in sales responses.
  • Ambition – is a performance management platform with gamification techniques and more to keep the company’s sales team invested and motivated. It is known to improve individual and team performance. 
  • Outreach – It is a sales engagement platform to increase CRM, develop effective marketing and revenue schemes. It improves overall sales performance.

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