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Sales Software Platforms Enabling Better End To End Retail Processes

With an end to end retail operations software you can:

  • Track and analyze data from various sources.
  • Optimize your operations using the data
  • Cater to all the activities of a brick and mortar retail store, online and
  • Offer accurate insights about the daily retail operations

We are living in a high-tech and always-on digital world. Along with today’s giant departmental stores, the small scale retail stores too need to deliver exceptional experiences to remain competitive in the market. For retailers, it is vital to organize and manage the store processes coupled with automation of the manual operations effectively. Retail operations software help the retailers with just that.

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These retail operations software and related technologies are beneficial because,

  • 87% of the shoppers will leave the store if an item is not available or if immediate assistance is not present nearby.
  • 30% of the consumers will not wait for more than 2 minutes to know if an item required is available in-store.
  • If a retailer has three or more incomplete deliveries, 30% of the customers will not use the retailer again.

It is thus, time for every retailer to hop on the digital bandwagon and stay at the edge of the competition. How do they do that? The answer is simple – with the help of sales software platforms that deliver and streamline end to end retail specific activities and processes.

1. InfoFlo

With InfoFlo all your organizational sales activities will be sorted in a unified cloud platform. One of the primary advantages of using InfoFlo will be its capability to integrate with outlook making the life of the sales reps and managers easy. InfoFlo presents myriad of add-ons that you can choose to be added to the package. The price is to be paid once and you receive a life time access to use the add-on.

2. DejaOffice

The Sales reps always want something that simplifies their busy schedules and DejaOffice will help them sort their life up to an extent. With an easy to use tool either on PC or mobile, DejaOffice is a CRM that automates all the tasks even when your device is disconnected from the internet. The primary features of the software include color coding to schedule meetings and tasks, setting permanent alarms with reminders, complete meeting and tasks for each contact and so on. The built-in tools such as calendar, tasks and notes, and various other templates help in organizing a number of tasks for a sales person.

3. Lightspeed Retail

Tried and tested by some of the behemoths like Sony, Kemper Sports, Five Guys and many more, Lightspeed Retail is capable of managing multiple systems from its unified cloud platform. Whether your team is working from office or from a remote region, Lightspeed Retail will give them access to everything from any device. It is designed with modern tools and made to offer you regular software updates. The software has two tools viz Lightspeed eCom for retailers and Lightspeed Delivery for restaurants.

4. Sapaad

Sapaad is a well-known cloud based restaurant POS and delivery management software. The primary features of the software is  inventory and food management, LIVE dashboard, food ordering platform integration, Kitchen display system, accounting integration, Tax compliant, logistics or delivery partner integration and so on. Sapaad is an easy to use software and it keeps coming with updates to suit the evolving needs of retailers.

5. Salesflare

Ability to integrate and work closely with Office 365, Exchange, iCloud, Zapier and more, SalesFlare is one of the easiest CRM to work with. Designed especially for the B2B businesses, SalesFlare inputs required data and make more sales. Some of the notable benefits of this software is it automatically assists about a potential sales opportunity, integrate with your sales toolset and keep the entire team in a single loop. It is intuitive, smart and fast.

6. RepZio

Working both online and offline, RepZio has turned out to be a boon for marketers. Improve your online campaigns and organize your road shows seamlessly with RepZio. A cloud based tool with 24*7 support, RepZio is a universal app to deal with all your sales and marketing activities. It offers different solutions fit to your requirement for instance, RepZio Sales Software to view the inventory levels, share presentations, and communicate within the teams.

7. Keap (Formerly Infusion Soft)

The last in our list is Keap, which was formerly known as Infusion Soft. Keap is a popular CRM as well as sales and marketing platform to grow your sales dramatically. Awarded as the #1 CRM for its ease of use, it offers sales and marketing automation, manages your sales pipeline, track appointments, organize emails and send reports on time.

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These sales software tools are empowered with on-premise as well as cloud based features to simplify retail processes for organizations. The implementation of such software in the retail stores have resulted in improved operations efficiency, quality of services and happy customers.


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