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Lead Nurturing for Sales Teams and Marketing Teams

Lead Nurturing: What is it? 

It entails establishing connections with customers at each level of the sales funnel and all along their path. It focuses marketing and communication efforts on taking the time to understand prospects’ needs and then giving them the necessary knowledge and solutions. Any system has about 50% of its leads who aren’t quite ready to make a purchase. Nearly 80% of new leads never result in sales, and Businesses that nurture leads produce 50% more buyer-ready leads at a 33% lower cost per lead.

Arguments in Favour of Lead Nurturing

65% of marketers don’t nurture their leads; did you know that? That is a lot of unrealized potentials that was lost. The following are the top 5 advantages of lead nurturing:

  • Create More High-Quality Leads.
  • The Average Order Value Should Rise (AOV)
  • Lowering CAC
  • Create More Devoted Clients
  • Become A Thought Leader in Your Field

Is Lead Generation A Component of Marketing or Sales?

The sales team has always been in charge of lead generation. But in the age of digital marketing, that duty is now split between the Sales and Marketing teams.

For the Sales Team: 

The following are typical steps in a lead nurturing process, along with necessary salesperson actions and lead benchmarks:

Sales Email: Send an introduction email and do some research on the lead to arrange a call. Positively responding leads can advance to the following level of the lead nurturing process.

Sales Call: Conduct an initial sales call after conducting more research on the lead and writing a script. Leads who want a more in-depth call advance to the following step of lead nurturing.

Customize the Demo Flow: Set up the technical elements, and present the demo live.

Write a Script: Edit your slides, then deliver the presentation in a sales presentation. Prospects who are enthusiastic about an entire proposal advance to the following nurturing step.

Commercial Proposal: Pick a template, add your own touches, send the proposal, and organize a meeting to review it. Overcome any resistance at this point and make the selling request.

Transaction Closure: Create a contract, work to have it signed, and then either label the deal as closed/won and add the customer or mark it as closed/lost and go on to the following lead.

The benchmarks your lead reaches when you finish the tasks in each level will let you know when to advance them to the following one. These benchmarks are typically acts that your lead needs to perform, like accepting a presentation. You can advance them to the following level and begin carrying out the tasks necessary for the new stage after they execute the action or cross the threshold.

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For the Marketing Team:

Lead nurturing is a technique for developing and preserving relationships with clients that blends cross-channel communication with marketing automation and content marketing. Here are a few of the crucial components.

Content Promotion

A good internet marketing plan relies on lead scoring as its skeleton and content marketing as its muscle. It is the process of producing pertinent and beneficial content for your clients and potential clients.

This may consist of the following:

  • Written material. Discovered on your website and in your emails.
  • Audio material used in any podcast with a company logo.
  • Video material shared on your website, YouTube, or social media.

Spread Across Multiple Channels

You need to connect your channels in order to stay in touch with leads everywhere in order to run a successful lead nurturing campaign. This is crucial because by diversifying the means through which you communicate with and keep up relationships with your leads, you may increase the size of your prospective audience.


Retargeting ads need to be branded consistently while also being tailored to the various consumer segments you’re aiming to retain. Each advertisement should also take into account the page from which the user originally left your website and offer pertinent information.


Cross-channel nurturing must include social media marketing. Running social media campaigns can be a great way to attract leads for one-time efforts. An even better strategy is to include social media in every campaign. Your lead nurturing and social media campaigns can complement one another and work together to reach more potential customers than ever before.

Automation in Marketing

With the aid of technology, brands may automate and streamline their marketing initiatives across a variety of platforms to Boost productivity to increase revenue.

Lead nurturing is the process of interacting with your leads on a regular basis to make them more familiar with your brand and interested in your goods or services. In order to do it properly, you must tailor your nurturing to each new lead, distributing content that is relevant to their interests and setting up conversations and meetings where they can ask questions and get answers.

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